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Doodle Army
Doodle Army
Doodle Army
Doodle Army
Doodle Army
Doodle Army
Doodle Army

Review Doodle Army

Sergei Petrov
Doodle Army - it's a fascinating dynamic game for Android, in which we will participate in the ruthless and bloodthirsty battles. We play the role of a young fighter, which resembles Description Rambo. We will fight with a variety of enemies, ranging from terrorists and ending aliens.
Engaged in developing a game studio Appsomniacs, and this is their first game on the operating system Android. Its style game reminds Anger of Stick 2 . The same lax schedule of times the flash games completely crazy dynamics and the absurdity of the situation. That's only on these details and turns the magic game, when just hard to get yourself off.


If you have ever played in the old two-dimensional action games on consoles Dendy and Sega, you can easily master the Doodle Army. This is the same primitive 2D-shooter, in which we can run, jump, crouch, and of course, shoot.
Control of the game can be set up in detail, for example, to move, the default button, which is very uncomfortable, so here it is better to put the joystick. During the shooting also can choose how to aim.
The strength of the game - this is a large number of diverse weapons. There is literally everything from pistols and grenades, pistols and machine guns ending. Weapons can be switched manually or automatic operation and trust. By default, it is included with priority from the strongest to the weakest weapons.

Features Doodle Army for Android:

  • Simple primitive graphics;
  • Exciting atmosphere and narrative of the plot;
  • A variety of missions (in the air, on water, on land, in space);
  • Dynamic gameplay;
  • A huge variety of weapons;
  • 10 varieties of characters;
  • Tweaking controls.
The disadvantages of the game include a general sloppiness games and a lot of small bugs. For example, you can in some places are simply stuck. Also, many enemies start shooting at us, being far away on the horizon, they see us, and we do not.
Summary. Doodle Army - a very good and fun action game for Android, which we are happy to deliver an assessment of 4-minus. One can see that the game is embedded soul, but the implementation is lame, lacked a good engine and more elaborate levels. Free version is distinguished by only the first level and a mini-game, the full version is only $ 1.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 8/10
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