Platypus Evolution
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Platypus Evolution
Platypus Evolution
Platypus Evolution
Platypus Evolution
Platypus Evolution
Platypus Evolution
Platypus Evolution
Platypus Evolution
Platypus Evolution
Platypus Evolution

Review Platypus Evolution

Brandon Girod
Unique idea, interesting mix of exploration and gameplay
Not a full clicker, most of the game is entirely automated, not many upgrades
I don’t think anyone would argue that platypus are an odd bunch, and Platypus Evolution for Android takes that weirdness and multiplies it by 10. This is a clicker that let’s you explore a ton of completely made up evolutions of platypus and essentially raise your own zoo of them. The idea is to breed your platypus as much as possible, until you can find the ultimate evolution.
To my great displeasure, this game isn’t really much of a clicker. If you’ve ever played games where you’re tasked with creating the largest whatever possible by combining matches then you’ll recognize that this game plays out more like something like that. It’s a matching game with clicker mechanics.
Right off the bat, you’re given a good chunk of change that will allow you to purchase some platypus. Every platypus you have will automatically accumulate money, so you’re really never really clicking on anything. Instead, you’ll drag two matching platypus together so they can evolve. As you might expect, this will create a hierarchy of platypus within your little zoo. Better platypus will make you more money.
Unfortunately, I didn’t really find that this game had much to offer after the initial experience. The majority of the items you can buy must all be purchased with real money, and the only things you can really buy with gold are a handful of upgrades and more platypus. One of the first upgrades you buy deliver a new platypus every 10 seconds, so even the idea of buying more is unappealing.
I really like the idea behind Platypus Evolution, but the execution just feels all wrong. If you’re someone who enjoys games where you discover new things through matching then you’ll certainly enjoy this game. If you’re looking for an actual clicker then this isn’t really what you’re looking for.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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