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Finger Ninjas
Finger Ninjas
Finger Ninjas
Finger Ninjas
Finger Ninjas
Finger Ninjas
Finger Ninjas
Finger Ninjas

Review Finger Ninjas

Sergei Petrov
Finger Ninjas - it is an interesting game for Android, which harmoniously combines two genres - Action and RPG. In this game we are going to manage the young ninja, who will alone to clear the island of zombies and rescue survivors.
Engaged in the development studio zemaGamez, and this is their first mobile game for the operating system Android. We would be able to pass this game, if not for an interesting approach to the management of a ninja, when, instead of the classic buttons we run attacks by drawing gestures.


The plot of the game consists of individual small missions. Almost all jobs are to clean up the area from the zombies (kill a certain minimum), to meet with the leader or find some artifact.
For each passing level we will be given the award, which we can spend on training and pumping characteristics. Each level can take on several levels of difficulty. For medium and heavy level will give us gold coins, which are highly sought after, but will have to settle on a light conventional money.
To attack the zombies, we must draw a line with your finger so that the zombies or was there or was on the line. Once the line is drawn, the ninja immediately begins to run on it, simultaneously cutting off the legs, arms and head to anyone who is on his way. Draw infinite lines will not work, because the hero is your energy level, and occasionally have to give him a break.
Also, our ninja can use special skills, such as throwing the enemy Shuriken or sprinkle all over with throwing knives, killing at a time multiple enemies. Each hit has a super time reloading.

Features Finger Ninjas for Android:

  • Improved 3D-graphics;
  • Unusual management through gestures;
  • A mixture of genres Action and RPG;
  • Buying new shocks and improve performance;
  • Buying new ninja;
  • Unique soundtrack;
  • Several levels of difficulty.
The disadvantages include the game quite a lot of errors and frequent crashes to the desktop. But we hope that with future updates all annoying bugs are fixed.
Summary. Finger Ninjas - it is a good and interesting game for Android with the original implementation geimpleya and an excellent system of pumping. To complete the feeling lacked a good story and a clear more variety in missions, as though to kill zombies and fun, but eventually just get bored.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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blue spirit
hell, what is wrong with this game? can't install. Shit
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