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Bad Roads
Bad Roads
Bad Roads
Bad Roads
Bad Roads
Bad Roads
Bad Roads
Bad Roads
Bad Roads

Review Bad Roads

Brandon Girod
Great atmosphere, solid controls, fun gameplay
The background never changes
Bad Roads for Android is a game that reminds me of the roads in Louisiana. They more like loose gravel than actual pavement. In this game, you are Ted and you’re trying to transport your cages of ducks to a place that is never actually mentioned in the game. Unfortunately, Ted wasn’t very smart about tying down the ducks’ cages, so they’re bouncing all over the bed of your truck.
As the name implies, the roads are basically non-existent. You might as be taking the scenic route through a forest because there is certainly no pavement here. The physics of the ducks’ cages is pretty unforgiving and the slightest bump in the road will send them scrambling. You have two controls: accelerate and brake. For once, your goal isn’t to get anywhere as fast as possible, it’s to take the race slow and steady.
In fact, there is no race at all. Each run is measured by distance. So you can take as long as you really want to, the only thing it’s going to hurt is your pacing. I’m impatient, so I frequently found myself in positions where my truck would go a little too fast over a curve and smack right into the side of a water tower or a barn--something that would have been avoided had I be going a reasonable speed.
I found the gameplay really relaxing, though. The atmosphere feels soothing, and the music really adds to that feeling. There’s not timer to race against and there are no rewards or annoying ads to frustrate you.
Bad Roads is a good example of a mobile game done right. The gameplay is essentially no strings attached since there is nothing holding you to finishing what you’ve started. It’s a simple game you can jump in and out of while you’re on the go.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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