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Big Maker
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Big Maker

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Brandon Girod
Engaging gameplay, great looks, unintrusive ads
Could use more music
Numbers and I don’t exactly get along. Math was my worst subject growing up, but despite all of this, I still had a ton of fun playing through Big Maker for Android. Taking a cue from the name, this is a game that has you adding numbers together in order to create bigger and bigger numbers. It’s a puzzle game because, like many matching games, you can easily run out of moves and lose.
There are no maps or levels to complete. Everything is all about creating a high score. The game is played on a honeycomb grid where each honeycomb has a number stamped on it. These can range from 1 to, well, however large you can get. The key is that you can only match these numbers together in intervals that can be divided by five. So matching a group of five tiles together that have a one stamped on them will produce a new tile that has a five stamped on it. Grouping two of those five tiles will produce a 10 tile. Then a 50 tile, a 100 tile, 500, and so on.
What makes this difficult is trying to plan all of your moves out ahead of time. You really need to make sure you’re looking at the pieces that will drop in when you create a new tile, and you really need know which ones these are going to be. Make any guesses and you’re walking through dangerous territory.
The game does serve up some ads every now and then but they aren’t intrusive and can easily be done away with.
Big Maker is a great game full of numbers, excitement, and a little randomness. Replayability is high because, well, the game is just too fun not to play, frankly.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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