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Vintage Loto
Vintage Loto
Vintage Loto
Vintage Loto
Vintage Loto
Vintage Loto
Vintage Loto

Review Vintage Loto

Sergei Petrov
Vintage Loto - a colorful Russian lotto simulator for Android-devices. In this simulation you can choose any mode you want, and indicate the complexity of the game. A key highlight of the game is a colorful, stylized vintage graphics: here bingo looks like centuries ago looked at the time of its birth.
Since the game is popular all over the world, is present here translated to several languages. By default, including English, and to change it, you must go to the settings.

How to play bingo?

The essence of the game is to close all the numbers on the cards before the other players. All in the game 90 barrels, each of which is assigned a number. The card consists of three lines, each of which has 5 digits. We can play as a single card, and with two or three, the setting is just before the game.
The more opponents you choose, the more difficult it will be to play. Also, do not forget that the lotto - is largely a game of chance, as the barrels appear completely random, and the gain is largely dependent on luck. More lotto well coached visual memory and develops the ability to concentrate. When you fill out the three cards at the same time, it is very difficult to find the right number.

Features Vintage Loto for Android:

  • Three modes of play;
  • Three difficulty;
  • Arbitrary rate;
  • The ability to choose the number of cards (1 to 3);
  • Select the number of competitors;
  • Support for different languages;
  • Colorful stylized graphics;
  • Network mode.
The disadvantages of the game is the fact that the network mode is currently unfinished. And to find a game, it should be created, and then wait until it will see other players. Much more appropriate would be the ability to quickly play with automatic selection of an opponent who is already online. We hope that in the next update will have such an opportunity.
Summary. Vintage Loto - this is a very exciting gambling board game that is ideal for playing on Android-device. Distributed game is completely free, with the number of credits is limited. Therefore, we encourage you to bet wisely and do not lose all the money at once, since you can get some extra money in exchange for real.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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