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Feed the Pig
Feed the Pig
Feed the Pig
Feed the Pig
Feed the Pig
Feed the Pig
Feed the Pig
Feed the Pig

Review Feed the Pig

Brandon Girod
Charming graphics, solid controls, interesting gameplay
Mature themes, no rewards
I’ll be upfront about this one: this game has some mature themes. There is an episode of Criminal Minds where a serial killer used his pigs to dispose of the bodies of his victims. Feed the Pig for Android is the like the follow up game to a scenario where one of these pigs went deranged and broke out of its pin.
What is the pig eating? People. If you felt like that situation escalated fast, well, that’s how the game presents itself. In the tutorial mission, which is thankfully short-lived, you are tasked with eating an apple, having a drink of water, and then playing around with your fellow pigs. After that’s completed, the text on the screen tells you to do whatever you want. You’ll quickly realize that you can’t do anything where you’re at, so your next inclination is try the gate. Bam. Now you’re out.
The rest of the game is a grindfest to kill as many people as possible. You’ll do this by running up to them and tapping the only button on the screen. What’s left behind is a bit of blood and bone. There is a bar at the top of the screen that builds based on how fast you’re killing people, and the more full it is, the larger and more deranged your pig becomes. When this happens, you’ll be able to take more damage from people trying to defend themselves and cops, and you’ll also be able to move much faster.
Power-ups also exist and they can be all kinds of things. I had laser beams shooting from my eyes, rockets, and a chainsaw. This is when you become basically invincible and leave behind nothing but a trail of bodies.
As charming as Feed the Pig looks, it’s anything but once you jump into the game. Each playthrough is sort of an endless runner in that you only have one life to get as far as you can. Gameplay is fun, but I found the gap between points to get from one level to the next becomes frustratingly wide over time. Even still, it’s a fun game if you can stomach this type of humor.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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