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BoBo World 2
BoBo World 2
BoBo World 2
BoBo World 2
BoBo World 2
BoBo World 2
BoBo World 2
BoBo World 2
BoBo World 2
BoBo World 2

Review BoBo World 2

Tariq Abdulla
Decent animation, quality graphics, lots of levels, interesting game play, two-finger controls
In-app purchases, pop-up ads
BoBo World for Android is a side-scrolling platform game starring a blobby alien. Control is through 3 onscreen buttons (left, right, jump) which are surprisingly responsive and effective. You can double jump and also stick to walls. The baddies are innocuous-looking that just wonder back and forth. Jump on their heads to knock them out. But so much as touch them any other way, and it’s an early grave for you. Later levels go for more of a steampunk theme, with robodog meanies. Yep, it’s one of those games that could only come from east asia (Vietnam in this case).
The game can be a little frustrating. Especially because those dang vegetables look so cute and harmless. It seems like it should be easy not to cross paths with them; but it isn’t. I give this one some kudos for originality in design. Each level is reasonably short, and there are checkpoints, meaning you don’t have to repeat yourself too much. The music and sounds are annoying from the outset. You’ll be collecting coins and eggs in each level, some of which will give you neat little powerups like the ability to shoot, or magnetically draw coins into yourself.
There are some things that feel a bit rough around the edges. The way you die, and the movement of baddies, are kinda lacking in animation. But the game makes up for this with an interesting mechanic whereby you can stick to vertical walls and ledgers with your suckers. If the levels themselves were a bit more interesting, we’d have a pretty good game here.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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