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Orby's adventure
Orby's adventure
Orby's adventure
Orby's adventure
Orby's adventure
Orby's adventure
Orby's adventure
Orby's adventure

Review Orby's adventure

Brandon Girod
Excellent design, engaging gameplay, great rewards
The difficulty really ramps up quickly, backgrounds could vary more
More often than not, an endless runner is interchangeable with about a thousand other games just like it. Orby’s Adventure for Android is a great exception, though. The gameplay and aesthetic all mix together in an interesting way that makes the game not only fun, but also fresh.
Playing as Orby, your goal is to help him/her collect coins by jumping from platform to platform while the world spins beneath you. If you jump too soon then you run the risk of not clearing an opening, but if you jump too soon then you might find your face having an uncomfortable meeting with the side of a cliff.
The game registers long taps and short taps, and adjusts how high Orby jumps accordingly. The controls seem pretty simple, but the platforms shift so frequently that you’ll often find yourself still tripping over the controls. The double jump is especially notorious because it will sometimes activate even though you only tapped the screen one time.
As you navigate the world you’ll find numerous stars that can be collected and used to unlock new costumes that Orby can wear on its adventures. My favorite thing about the rewards--aside from them not being too time consuming to unlock--is the fact that they all look pretty cool and unique.
My only real complaint stems from the backgrounds. Yes, they change from game to game, but the styles are all so similar that you barely notice the change. It’d be nice to see just a bit more variation.
Minor quips aside, Orby’s Adventure is one of the most fun endless runners I’ve recently played. The art direction is on point, and the gameplay itself remains fun even hours later.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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