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MiHome Launcher
MiHome Launcher
MiHome Launcher
MiHome Launcher
MiHome Launcher
MiHome Launcher
MiHome Launcher
MiHome Launcher
MiHome Launcher
MiHome Launcher
MiHome Launcher
MiHome Launcher
MiHome Launcher
MiHome Launcher

Review MiHome Launcher

Sergei Petrov
MiHome Launcher - a unique program launcher for Android, developed by a team of developers MIUI, which many probably know for creating some of the most popular third-party firmware. In this particular case, it is not a full flash, but the shell of it, which is almost completely changes the interface and makes for a fresh look to your smartphone.
The main feature of the shell MIUI - is an attempt to completely simplify the interface and make access to the functions you need as fast as possible. That is why there is no so-called "application menu", all icons are on desktops, as well as it does on the devices iOS (iPhone and iPad).

Interface and

On the desktop, we can make all of our widgets. Besides, the launcher MiHome contains a beautiful clock widget and very useful widget with switches, toggle switches (something like SwitchPro ), which you can fully customize to your taste.
Widgets placed on the desktop with a simple drag of the bottom of the balloon. The shell maintains control through gestures, which can be set in the settings.
Launcher also contains its own lock screen with quick access to the cameras, calls, messages and contacts. The nice feature is the intuitive vibrations that vibrate briefly when you select an item in the mode of release.
Most delighted fans will come to change the look and design of the interface Android. MIUI developers have made sure that anyone can suggest a layout of all functions, such as icons, menus, widgets, lock screen, etc.
Shell MiHome Launcher enjoys wide popularity in China, and it has played a very positive role, because right from the app are several thousand a variety of themes, like the interface and for the lock screen. And this is not the usual set with the change of wallpaper, and a full set of icons, menu changes, and new screen lock.

Features MiHome Launcher for Android:

  • Fast and stable operation;
  • All the icons are on the desktop;
  • Thousands of beautiful themes;
  • Built-in lock screen with customizable;
  • Convenient clock widget and change settings;
  • Setting effects and animation transition between desktops.
The disadvantages of the shell include a large number of minor errors, which are often associated with the transfer of the program in Russian. Somewhere letters climb the sides, missing stitches, etc. But these defects are not very critical and is likely soon to be corrected.
Summary. MiHome Launcher - is another contender for the title of the best launcher for Android. And if developers MIUI not slow down and will continue to actively develop its shell, it is possible that we will soon see a very worthy competitor to the undisputed leader Go Launcher EX . At this point, the functional is not much, but the shell is the best possible standard launcher (Sense, TouchWiz, etc.).

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 8/10
Design 10/10
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