Digaway - Dig, Mine, Survive
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Digaway - Dig, Mine, Survive
Digaway - Dig, Mine, Survive
Digaway - Dig, Mine, Survive
Digaway - Dig, Mine, Survive
Digaway - Dig, Mine, Survive
Digaway - Dig, Mine, Survive
Digaway - Dig, Mine, Survive
Digaway - Dig, Mine, Survive

Review Digaway - Dig, Mine, Survive

Brandon Girod
Cool graphics, interesting gameplay concept
Extremely poor controls, no direction, very poor gameplay decisions
As I sit here at my desk, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around whatever it is that Digaway for Android actually is. If you’re familiar with a game called Terraria, then you’ll immediately be able to recognize some similarities. Think of it like a 2D Minecraft game that is actually good and was fully endorsed by Notch, himself, the guy behind Minecraft.
The problem is that while there are similarities between this and Terraria, it’s like the developer said it’d be a really cool idea to turn that into an endless game, and that’s what happened. You start off with some health, a pick axe, and that’s about it. You’ll dig around until your pickaxe breaks and then you basically are forced to just restart the game because there is absolutely nothing else you can do. In fact, the game even says you should probably restart if that happens.
The crazy thing is that you can’t really do any crafting in this game. Mining resources just gives you points. You have to be lucky enough to stumble across an upgraded pickaxe in order to get further into the game, which is just a mind blowingly bad gameplay decision. When you base your entire game on blind luck then there is really nothing for the player to get invested in.
Now, you can bring some of the items you collect with you, and you can upgrade your character as you go, though I don’t really know how that works because points just seemed to appear without me knowingly doing anything to make them appear, and the game never explains this concept.
Digaway is basically a throwaway game. It seems to be heavily balanced around encouraging the player to purchase in-game rewards so you can get around the luck-based aspects of the game. Unfortunately, leaving out the ability to craft takes away all of the magic from these games. You don’t play Minecraft or Terraria to mine, you play to build and discover, neither are things this game has.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 6/10
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