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Hero Fighter X
Hero Fighter X
Hero Fighter X
Hero Fighter X
Hero Fighter X
Hero Fighter X
Hero Fighter X
Hero Fighter X

Review Hero Fighter X

Brandon Girod
Lots of different characters to unlock, fun gameplay, plenty of content
Controls are difficult, fighting doesn’t always feel fluid, very chaotic
Every now and then a gamer will come across a game that isn’t really good, and they know it isn’t good, but they like it anyway. That’s basically Hero Fighter X for Android in a nutshell. It’s sort of a brawler that tasks players with fighting waves of enemies with the help of a few computer controlled allies, and as much as I love the concept, I can’t help but think the execution could have been a bit better.
My main quip about the game revolves around its controls. If you have a controller peripheral then I suggest you use it because you’ll probably actually have a blast with this game. If you don’t then you’ll likely struggle with it just like I did.
As the player, you’ll put together a team of fighters that you will play as and level up as you play through the game. You can unlock new heroes as you play your way through missions or train. Each level is mission is identical to the last in terms of objective, but differs when it comes to the type of enemies you might face. Everything is wave based, and you fight a number of different bosses on the very last wave.
Each new mission is progressively harder by a pretty noticeable amount, and I always seemed like I would barely survive each fight despite getting stronger and stronger. I blame part of this one the controls because I should theoretically be able to use straight skill to win. Each hero has its own playstyle and set of skills, but I felt like I never really got the opportunity to learn them due to the controls.
Everything just feels sluggish. If I’m attacking, there is no way to attack and walk up or down. You can only attack straight forward. Given the fact that buttons are all on-screen, it’s difficult to really get any kind of feedback, so I stuck with mashing the attack button while trying to awkwardly position myself in a place where I could actually attack someone.
Like I said in the beginning, I really love all of the concepts behind Hero Fighter X. Sure, the graphics and design could use a bit of work, but it’s the horrible on-screen controls that really puts the nail in the coffin on this one.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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