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Big Win Basketball
Big Win Basketball
Big Win Basketball
Big Win Basketball
Big Win Basketball
Big Win Basketball
Big Win Basketball
Big Win Basketball
Big Win Basketball
Big Win Basketball

Review Big Win Basketball

Jay Feldman
Online multiplayer, interesting game play, simple controls
Watch games rather than play, greedy, mediocre graphics, dependence on in-app purchases
Big Win Basketball for Android is decent fun but it quickly becomes apparent that you’re not actually doing anything here but watching animated games of fantasy basketball. Fans will love it, while true gamers will be instantly bored.
Big Win Basketball combines bubblegum trading cards with fantasy league basketball. Select card packs, open them up, then see who you got while you chew bubblegum. Oh wait, there’s no actual bubblegum. Drats!! Ok, well, collect trading cards, build your dream team and then watch them play against online opponents who have also assembled their own imaginary team; likely with some of the same players. The game itself knows it’s boring, because it has a fast forward button that just skips to the end of the game and tells you the results.
The controls work fine, and they had better, because there’s literally nothing to do but tap cards and choose cards. The graphics are mediocre and the animation is crude at best. For what little is actually expected of us, they should at least give us killer, true to life animation to ogle over; but nada.
Naturally, you can buy more cards to build up your team. There are special boxes of trading card that cost extra; just pick a pack, open them up and start recruiting players for your team. This would all be well and good for super-fans, IF it actually worked well. The problem is, the game, if it can be called that, is riddled with hangs and belabored buffering issues. There is virtually nothing happening here, and yet this app struggles with it. Slow load times, hanging screens, spinning load icons that go round and round. How can this app do so little and yet still manage to do it so poorly?? Who knows; who cares. I’m already bored.
Big Win Basketball could be a fun new way to collect trading cards and bring them to life. But when you meet that famed player, what will they sign; your gizmo’s screen? I’m all for fantasy leagues, but if an app is going to do this little, then it should at least do it well. Perhaps in a few updates the glitches will be resolved and you can at least watch these imaginary games, hiccup free. But be prepared to open your wallet and shell out some cash, because that’s basically what this app is really about.

Final ratings

Gameplay 5/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 7/10
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