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Paper Racing
Paper Racing
Paper Racing
Paper Racing
Paper Racing
Paper Racing
Paper Racing
Paper Racing

Review Paper Racing

Sergei Petrov
Paper Racing - it is an interesting puzzle game for Android, in which we will participate in this paper races. The main difference of the game from any other racing games is that here we will go step by step.
Engaged in developing a game studio IT Benefit. At the stage of Beta-testing the game received a lot of positive reviews, and has been downloaded more than half a million times. For the basis of the game was taken by an old desktop prototype, a racing game that plays a lot of my childhood on cell paper.
This is how this game looked before:
And it looks like now:


The essence of the game is that for every move we can make one of the following - speed up, slow down or move at the same speed. Also, we can choose the direction to go. Physics in the game is based on a realistic model, so the car during acceleration behaves just like a real model. Suppose, if you are very disperse, then stop the car and turn in one turn you simply will not work. All maneuvers should think through in advance!
The game assembled collection of the most popular in the world of classic racing tracks. We will ride along with three computer opponents. Space for our progress displays a set of red circles. Each circle has its own button in the lower right corner. For convenience, you can put off the road or zoom using the "+" and "-" in the lower left corner.
On all routes, in addition to the start and finish, there are also intermediate points made in order to prevent a scam from the player. If you go to the far cage, your car is accelerating, and the next turn you can travel even further. If you press the middle button, the speed is stored, and if in the short-key to the car, then you are a bit slow.

Features Paper Racing for Android:

  • Unique classic puzzle game for the first time on the mobile platform!
  • Bright hand-drawn graphics;
  • Comfortable and intuitive;
  • Realistic physics;
  • Clever opponents;
  • A large number.
We hope that in the future, developers will add multiplayer, as it is, above all, a board game, it is accepted to play with a live opponent. In addition, I would like to be able to establish itself rules of racing and to prohibit visits and cuts in the corners than the frequently used paper.
Summary. Paper Racing - this is a very exciting game for Android, which we recommend to anyone who has ever played the original version of the board and fans really challenging and exciting puzzles. The game is absolutely free ad-which appears during loading levels.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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