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Sheep Catcher
Sheep Catcher
Sheep Catcher
Sheep Catcher
Sheep Catcher
Sheep Catcher
Sheep Catcher
Sheep Catcher

Review Sheep Catcher

Brandon Girod
Super good looking artwork, responsive controls
Games become laborious the more sheep you have to catch, repetitive gameplay
Sheep Catcher for Android has some of the best hand-drawn original art that I’ve seen. It’s not that it’s just technically great, but it oozes originality and swag. It’s a game where you are a bandit; aptly named El Bandito. For some reason El Bandito wants--no--needs to steal sheep, and you’re going to help him do it.
El Bandito can’t simply walk up to a sheep and stuff him into a bag, though. No, he needs to pounce on top of them, and for some reason, if you touch the ground, you’ll die. Or something. Either way, don’t touch the ground. You can jump from sheep to sheep using two responsive directional buttons, and if you need some extra air then you can swipe up and get what is essentially a double jump.
My biggest gripe with the game is that gameplay gets so repetitive so fast. Environments do change and there are tons of levels, but there isn’t enough variation in gameplay to warrant a play through all 35 levels. The second level alone requires you to capture 30 sheep which takes several minutes of mindless jumping. I want to love the game because the artwork is really great, but the gameplay itself just isn’t up to par with the rest of it.
Sheep Catcher will appear to a likely younger audience, though. There are three modes of infinite gameplay, the theme is kid friendly, and gameplay isn’t terrible by any means. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough of an evolution in the mechanics to really warrant long time playthroughs.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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