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Brain Cube
Brain Cube
Brain Cube
Brain Cube
Brain Cube
Brain Cube
Brain Cube
Brain Cube
Brain Cube

Review Brain Cube

Brandon Girod
Difficult puzzles, unique concept, great aesthetic
Ads can be annoying, controls don’t always feel responsive
Unique puzzle games are a bit hard to come by nowadays. Brain Cube for Android is a bit different, however. It’s got a great aesthetic and a pretty unique concept that let’s the game stand out a bit from the rest of the competition.
When I first opened the game, I thought I was just staring at an ad because the start screen is incredibly low-fidelity. Thankfully, the rest of the game has a decent amount of variety when it comes to background options. There are several different “worlds”, which have varying levels of difficulty. One is a bit fiery while another is more cosmic.
The concept the puzzles are based on remains the same throughout the game, but does evolve in complexity. You’ve got a two-cube tall structure that can move around by sort of flipping it around. In each level is a hole. You need to navigate the structure around so that it can fall through the hole. This is relatively simple in the beginning, but further down the road you’ll really need to think ahead because simply making it to the final destination can be a chore.
The game doesn’t feature any type of reward system, so you’re only playing for the benefit of completing the game, which isn’t bad because the gameplay is entertaining. Unlike other games, you’ll probably find yourself compelled to continue playing the game because the difficulty is just hard enough to get you thinking without making you totally frustrated.
Brain Cube is a great puzzle game to sink a few hours into if you’re a fan of games like this. Players will love the aesthetic, and the puzzles will easily rope them in.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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