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Review Puffero

Brandon Girod
Solid controls, interesting gameplay mechanics
Repetitive gameplay, ugly art
Puffero for Android is a game that touts itself as a puzzle platformer although if you read the reviews on the Play Store then you’ll see a lot of people talking about it being a tower defense game. I don’t think it’s either. In my opinion it’s basically just a timekiller because all you’re doing is sliding your character across the screen as you blow creatures away.
In the game, you’ll need to protect your “base” which is another word for the ground from poisonous creatures that are trying to attack your base. In order to do this, you’ll just need to swipe across your screen. Your character will attack on its own. Each level is structured a little differently and you can sometimes jump on top of some of the objects in the level. Honestly, you’ll never need to, though. The creatures fall at such an alarming rate that you’ll literally just be swiping across the screen over and over again.
Gameplay is honestly pretty boring for exactly the reason I stated above. The game absolutely requires you to use power-ups to get you out of sticky situations, which is fine because you unlock a ton of money all the time, but having the game revolve around that is a bit lame. But the biggest downfall is that gameplay just never changes or evolves into anything past what you play in the very first level. For someone like me, that’s not enough to stick around through any meaningful portion of the game.
Puffero isn’t a game I’d really recommend. Gameplay is flat and terribly repetitive, and the artwork isn’t appealing to anyone, really.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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