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Zime To-do + Calendar
Zime To-do + Calendar
Zime To-do + Calendar
Zime To-do + Calendar
Zime To-do + Calendar
Zime To-do + Calendar
Zime To-do + Calendar
Zime To-do + Calendar
Zime To-do + Calendar

Review Zime To-do + Calendar

Sergei Blyudov
Zime To-do + Calendar - it is very visual and technological Calendar for Android, which also includes the functions of a To-Do list, and perfectly synchronized with the Google-account, which means that all of your reminders and tasks will always be available on any device .
Development of the program deals with French studio MobiSysteme. Creators Zime To-do + Calendar tried to take a fresh look at familiar calendar application for us and to show that it can look very beautiful and functional.


The program has a very unique 3D-interface implemented as a full-line of time, divided by the area day and smaller sections for hourly planning. When interacting with the tape it smoothly slides down or up, depending on which way it drag.
On the right side, we can also move directly within a single day, creating tasks and events in the hourly mode. Before using Zime To-do + Calendar, we recommend that you go into the settings and set working hours and weekends to make the program better able to adjust to your schedule.

Features Zime To-do + Calendar for Android:

  • Intuitive and very simple 3D-interface;
  • Fast creation of tasks and events with notes and notices;
  • Synchronization with all applications that support Google Calendar;
  • The rapid movement of events, days, and weeks.
In addition to the external, very nice 3D-shell, Zime there are many other nice little things that would greatly improve the usability of your calendar. For example, if you need to call someone, you can simply create a task at the right time, write "Call" and start typing a contact name. The program will automatically select the probable contact and offer to insert his full name.
In addition, the Zime is a convenient mode for planning and viewing busy week, and how easy transfer tasks for later. The only real limitation is that we can not create complete lists, as we used to do it in Wunderlist and Any.Do.
Summary. Zime - a convenient way to maintain a calendar and tasks on Android-smartphone. At this point, the application runs on Android, but soon the developers promise to run the client for all platforms. In any case, the program is synchronized with the Google-account and is recommended for those who can not bear to keep a calendar. With this program, adding tasks and events going effortlessly!

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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Zime is now called ZenDay (http://bit.ly/SK1UUW). Same great 3D scrolling screen that integrates tasks in your calendar. You can customize your to-do list, set fixed or floating tasks for when you have time; you can even create tasks from related emails in your GMail account. Sync your Google Tasks too! (paid app on Google Play, $2.99).
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