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Review PewPew

Brandon Girod
Good graphics, 6 game modes
Controls aren't as responsive or quick as I'd like, reward system is a little confusing
Asteroids was one of the original arcade games to blow the minds of gamers everywhere back in the very late 70’s. In 2003, that style of game reached its pique with an awesome dual-stick shooter called Geometry Wars. PewPew for Android is a dual-stick shooter that feels like a cool version of Geometry Wars for your phone, but still gives a nod back to the original game.
A dual-stick shooter means you’ll be moving around with one stick and then shooting in a completely separate direction with another. This makes for some incredibly fast-paced and hectic shooting situations, but this game can handle them all, and eagerly does with 6 modes of gameplay.
I won’t go into detail about all of them, but some of my favorite included a survival game where you can’t attack anything, instead you’re simply dodging things all the time. Another required you to survive wave after wave of enemies where you can actually fight back.
Each mode has various goals you can reach, and you’ll need to be able to reach these in order to unlock new ships. Unfortunately, these games are incredibly difficult to master, so I wasn’t able to unlock any cool, new ships, though I did manage to grab a few medals. The game itself is simply unforgiving. Unlocking new ships is perhaps my least favorite aspect of the game, though. You’d have to spend quite a bit of time really learning the game in order to become good enough to unlock the new ships, so it doesn’t really cater to new players in that aspect.
There is already a sequel out for PewPew, but I don't see why anyone wanting to give this game a shot should pass it up. If anything, it would be cool to see how the developers managed to improve the game from this one. Either way, it's a fun game that is worthy of a look.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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