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Brofist Legend
Brofist Legend
Brofist Legend
Brofist Legend
Brofist Legend
Brofist Legend
Brofist Legend
Brofist Legend

Review Brofist Legend

Brandon Girod
Addictive, solid gameplay
Artwork seems too generic, very shady ad mechanics
Brofist Legend for Android is something called a "cookie clicker." This is basically a genre where the only thing you do in the entire game is click on the screen. Sounds boring, but if the game is balanced right then it can actually become quite addictive, and David Zobrist, the developer, has pretty much gotten the formula down.
This isn't Zobrist's first rodeo, though. He's also the guy being another game I've reviewed called Orcs, which is basically the exact same game to a T, except this game features bros instead of Orcs. And if I'm honest, the orc game is actually much better.
The characters and art style aren't as charming in this as what I'd consider the original to be. Bros look super generic and their giant fists are really off putting. The game is all about tapping to get currency that can be used to upgrade yourself so each tap gains more currency, bros that collect money passively, go on quests, or upgrade your quest guy.
In Orcs, I was addicted. This game didn't grab me the same way and that's largely because of the ad experience. When you are tapping away the game will throw up ads and unless you just happen to not be tapping the screen already, which is rare since that is the entire game. If you think about it, that's actually a pretty shady way to throw ads at players, too.
Overall, Brofist Legend is pretty much exactly like Orcs when it comes to gameplay, but the game is inherently worse due to the shady ad scheme and the poor art direction.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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