MineKeeper : Build & Clash
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MineKeeper : Build & Clash
MineKeeper : Build & Clash
MineKeeper : Build & Clash
MineKeeper : Build & Clash
MineKeeper : Build & Clash
MineKeeper : Build & Clash
MineKeeper : Build & Clash
MineKeeper : Build & Clash

Review MineKeeper : Build & Clash

Brandon Girod
Varied gameplay, tons of unlocks, the perfect tutorial
Dated graphics, can feel grindy
MineKeeper: Build & Clash for Android is a real-time strategy game that has you mining and collecting resources in an ever growing mine shaft. The kicker is that each level of your mine will be randomly attacked by enemies, so you have to build up your own troops to defend your mine in order to grow.
There is a surprising amount of gameplay for a game of this stature. There isn't a ton of guidance, but there really doesn't need to be either. You start off with a few levels to kick things off and you can only build archers. Obviously, units cost resources, but you shouldn't be worried about resources for a while. You'll also start off with one miner on each level. Miners don't die and you can create more for an ever increasing price. Your troops, however, will either die or go "home" which means you'll have to re-train them after they've survived a battle.
When an enemy attacks, you'll receive a notification and you can launch your troops on that level. When you beat the enemy, you'll gain resources and potentially loot that can then be equipped by your archers so they can become stronger. Eventually you'll also collect enough resources to unlock new units that can be deployed. Unfortunately, this is where the game gets pretty grindy. Unlocking new units takes a ton of time and a ton of grinding.
Unlocking new floors can also be tough because you have to beat a boss before you can move on to a new floor. Bosses are tough. Most of the time, you'll need to send wave after wave of troops in order to take them down.
Truthfully, MineKeeper: Build & Clash is a pretty great mobile strategy game that will keep players interested in the long term. The graphics aren't anything to write home about, but the amount of enemies constantly attacking you will make sure you're never bored.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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