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Cookie Story
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Cookie Story

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Brandon Girod
Solid mechanics, good performance
Way too many ads, energy system, dated graphics
When it comes to match-three games, ones like Cookie Story for Android are about as generic as it gets. Yet, people still feel the need to continuously create them, and more people feel the need to download them as if they didn’t get enough of their feel in the first few thousand. What makes this game a bit of a stinker is its liberal use of ads and dated aesthetics.
Gameplay-wise, there is nothing inherently wrong with what this game has to offer. You’ll match tiles of the same color in order to remove the tiles. Every new level will feature a new level layout, new obstacles to overcome, and new objectives to complete. Most of the objectives will require you to match a certain amount of a set of tiles.
Unfortunately, unlike most other games similar to this one, this game feels the need to dump as many as on you as possible. Even worse, it times the ads to show when you would typically be ready to tap the screen to get started. For instance, a level pops up and you’re about to start tapping, then boom, a full page ad.
I get it. Ads are required for a game to make money and that’s fine. But they shouldn’t try to violate Google’s code of ethics when it comes to displaying ads. Worse yet is the arbitrary energy system the game has also decided to throw onto the player. Every level requires you to use energy as a token in order to play. Again, this is totally unnecessary, especially when you consider the fact that there are many better match-three games that doesn’t annoy players with them.
It’s difficult to recommend Cookie Story to match-three fans. The gameplay is extremely par for the course, and the insistent ads and energy system really put this game down the list when it comes to great match-three games.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 7/10
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