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Berzerk Ball 2
Berzerk Ball 2
Berzerk Ball 2
Berzerk Ball 2
Berzerk Ball 2
Berzerk Ball 2
Berzerk Ball 2
Berzerk Ball 2

Review Berzerk Ball 2

Sergei Petrov
Berzerk Ball 2 - is extremely fierce and exciting arcade game for Android, which we will in a natural way zashvyrivat fat guy sitting at the computer the whole day, through vast landscapes of land berserkers. Throw poor programmer will be the most cruel manner, just like in baseball, tossed and hit with full force bat, having chosen degree and force of impact.
The development of this cruel game takes Berzerk Studios, where you can play it not only on Android-device, but on iOS, and even on the internet at the official website of the studio ( cmd = game & gameid = 641). The idea of ​​such a game is not new, and recall similar projects in Flash (remember the game about the Yeti?), But here the concept is derived on a completely different level.


At the very beginning of the game we create for ourselves a computer worm (Geek), choosing his hair, coats and trousers. We can also choose one of the 6 berserkers, which will be our zashvyrivat tolstyachka. Can not particularly think about choice, because at any time you can change it.
Each character has its own unique abilities, characteristics and skills. The hero here is needed not only in order to strike at the fat man and run it in the sky, but also in order to give it a boost when it is directly in the flight.
The concept of Berzerk Ball 2 is built on the fact that immediately after the first strike, we have several attempts to speed Geek `and additionally throwing it up or down. The number of such attacks is shown as batons and is on the left side of the screen. Originally attempt additional impact will be only one, but later will be increased to 3 or 4 with items and skills.
In addition to our kicks, acceleration also give along the way in the air, birds and monsters running through the land. If by luck, our hero comes in contact with them, it will give him the opportunity to soar even higher.

The main features of Berzerk Ball 2 for Android:

  • Bright 2D-graphics high in cruelty;
  • 6 different characters with unique abilities;
  • Additional mini-games;
  • Huge place with interesting subject;
  • Tightening geimpley with simple controls;
  • A huge amount of skill and extensive pumping system;
  • More super attacks, accelerating flight overweight.
The disadvantages of the game is the fact that its full potential can be opened only after 20-30 minutes of the game, when they first prokachany skills and purchased new items. And this is around 30-40 flights from our "Geek` a. " Before that, we will very quickly fall down and fly away miserable, without the possibility greatly affect flight.
Summary. Berzerk Ball 2 - is a fierce arcade game for Android and just an excellent time killer that with each subsequent attempt to run the Geek `and in the sky draws more and more. The game is distributed free of charge, but it is possible that this is a temporary phenomenon, so catch to download now.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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