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Review Seabirds

Sergei Petrov
Seabirds - it is a beautiful and colorful puzzle-arcade game for Android, in which we have to feed the hungry fish, penguins and other marine animals. The game has a colorful hand-drawn graphics, funny characters, memorable and fun gameplay, which is necessary not only to think through their moves, but also have time to execute them quickly.
Russian-language work on the game studio Shamrock Games. For all the lines of the details of the game and it becomes clear that the killer wanted to make Angry Birds Space and Cut The Rope , as evidenced by a similar menu layout levels and the overall feel of geimpleya. In general, the game is worthy, but here and there and did not have lasted.


Our challenge in the game - to feed the hungry penguins, each penguin is well versed in food and eats only a certain type of fish, similar in color to the color of his back. If you feed the penguins other fish, its just going to be sick and have to start the level again.
We can not directly control the location of the fish, and only affects the side of the subject. We can detach the rope, the fan, down rocks and balls. All our manipulation should ultimately lead to the fact that the fish will be necessary next to the penguin, and then will be eaten.
Because on one level there are usually three penguin and another special animal, deliver fish should be strictly in order, that the blue fish is hit accidentally on the table to the green penguin. Special animal eats bonuses (candy) that appear immediately after the penguin eats fish. They have to press your finger, and they will fly into the mouth to the seal or polar pink mammoth.

Seabirds features for Android:

  • More than 80 fascinating levels in 5 different worlds;
  • Interesting and realistic physics;
  • Vivid characters with detailed portrayal;
  • The game is translated into Russian and English.
The disadvantages of the game include an extremely high level of complexity in some levels. And the difficulty is not to solve the riddle of the sequence, and to be on time to press this or that element (after stone, cut the rope).
Summary. Seabirds - this is a good and high-quality arcade puzzle game for Android, which will appeal to all who have ever played Cut the Rope: Experiments and Shark Dash . The first 20 levels give us free of charge, but for the others will have to pay 30 rubles, which is quite a bit, given the high quality of the game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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