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Time Clickers
Time Clickers
Time Clickers
Time Clickers
Time Clickers
Time Clickers
Time Clickers
Time Clickers

Review Time Clickers

Brandon Girod
Insanely addictive gameplay, good graphics, tons of upgrades
No end game
Make no doubt about it, games that involve numbers which expand throughout the game are addictive. Just take Time Clickers for Android as an example. It's a game very similar to Venture Capitalist where you're stuck doing all of the grunt work until you can build up enough capital to hire some a bit of crew to do all of the work for you so you can just kick back and watch the numbers rise.
So the majority of this "game" revolves around managing your capital. In the beginning, you'll find yourself shooting some bricks with your tiny pistol to upgrade it and hire other "guns" to help you out. Unfortunately, shooting bricks yourself is difficult. Blocks have timers that count down in seemingly random order and you have to destroy it before the timer runs out. What makes this difficult to do manually is the lack of vision you have. On PC, this part of the game is fine, but when your giant finger gets in the way then you can almost never see what you're actually tapping on.
Fortunately, there is an auto aim, but even this pans around the screen so slowly that it's just impractical to use. So while you can upgrade your own gun and unlock abilities, it's best to just throw all of your money into hired guns. You can upgrade these guys as well, and they'll shoot all of the blocks for you.
Another problem you run into is that you'll quickly run out of things to do. Once you've unlocked the last hired gun, which can easily be done in less than an hour, the rest of the game turns into just upgrading for the sake of beating the next "endless" boss.
Despite the fact that Time Clickers doesn't seem to have an end game, the lure of upgrading your guns and seeing how much DPS you can do is all the allure most people need. I can't recommend this game enough for people who just like to manage money.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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