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Kick the Boss 2
Kick the Boss 2
Kick the Boss 2
Kick the Boss 2
Kick the Boss 2
Kick the Boss 2
Kick the Boss 2
Kick the Boss 2
Kick the Boss 2
Kick the Boss 2
Kick the Boss 2
Kick the Boss 2
Kick the Boss 2
Kick the Boss 2
Kick the Boss 2
Kick the Boss 2
Kick the Boss 2
Kick the Boss 2
Kick the Boss 2
Kick the Boss 2

Review Kick the Boss 2

Jay Feldman
Perfect soundtrack, decent animation, unusual graphics, addictive game play, simple controls
Somewhat disturbing, quickly kills your battery, monotonous game play, dependence on in-app purchases
Kick the Boss 2 for Android takes a beloved concept and makes it real! Hate your boss? Wanna beat the crap outta him but not particularly fond of jail? Well, this is the app for you! Kick the crap outta your boss in a myriad of ways, yet with none of those pesky repercussions.
Kick the Boss 2 is direct and to the point. There’s a boss, and then there’s you; the disgruntled employee. And this is your chance at venting some frustration; alas sweet revenge tastes most succulent of all. Take THAT mo-fo …and THAT …and THAT-THAT-THAT!!! *Whew* I don’t even have an a-hole for a boss, yet I’m feeling better already. This game is not only fun, but apparently it does wonders for your well-being too.
That’s literally the game in a nutshell. There’s a map, and you can choose several different locales to beat the crap outta this stuffed shirt prick. There’s also a host of cool and painful looking weaponry and blunt objects to do damage with. My favorite so far is the high voltage taser; too funny.
The controls are simplicity itself; just place your finger on the boss and fling him around the room; bashing his head into stuff. Select a weapon and just drag it near the boss to do your damage.
The graphics look like South Park, and yes the boss gets bloodied and bruised as you beat him to a pulp. It’s a little disturbing, but the a-hole keeps mouthing off and taunting you the whole time, so there’s plenty of motivation to really let him have it.
Kick the Boss 2 is disturbingly fun, but I think even a psychiatrist would tell you get’s therapeutic qualities can’t be denied; and sane people would never do this stuff for real, so that’s why we have apps like this. Though personally, I’m not thinking of my boss when I play this; I'm thinking of politicians, insurance adjusters, jerks from childhood, and maybe even a couple family members that got it coming. In other words, I’ll be busy playing this one for a while.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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Dar'ya Suvorova
Maaaaan! After a review like this I have no choice - I will play it again, this silly and very silly mix-up!
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