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Ball King
Ball King
Ball King
Ball King
Ball King
Ball King
Ball King
Ball King

Review Ball King

Brandon Girod
Wonderful graphics, super fun gameplay, lots of cool rewards
Very difficult gameplay
I’m usually not one to really enjoy endless games. I find the gameplay to be too repetitive to be fun, and the game mechanics are usually too simple to warrant too much time spent with them. I’d rather spend my time reading Reddit. Ball King for Android is most certainly different, though. It’s not only an endless game, but it’s about basketball, which is another thing I have limited interest in. In other words, despite the odds, it’s a game that managed to keep me interested.
You start off with a kid sporting a wicked cool ‘fro. There is a floating basketball hoop with a police cruiser parked directly underneath. The first shop I took was clean, and I thought it was going to hit the hood of the parked cruiser. Unfortunately, it didn’t. My next few shots were decent, but my luck ran out after sinking my fourth concurrent shot.
The game is heavily based on physics, just like Angry Birds. You’ll tap and hold the screen to activate a trajectory path, then you’ll pull back to give it some power, and finally swipe around to find the sweet spot. Releasing your finger from the screen will launch the ball towards the basket. The rest is up to how well you can solve a trigonometry problem in your subconscious. Turns out, I’m better at trig when I’m actually working with the numbers on paper.
As you start to get good at the game you’ll notice there are new elements that pop up from time to time. Sometimes wind will play a factor in the shot. Sometimes you’ll suddenly find yourself playing a game of horse, and other times you’ll just try collecting some in-game currency that will unlock new avatars. It’s all great fun, though.
Ball King is a game you definitely shouldn’t miss no matter who you are, but if you happen to be into games like Crossy Road or Angry Birds then you’ll easily be all over this. The depth is all there, the rewards are great, and the gameplay warrants repeated play.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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