Amy the Starry Archer
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Amy the Starry Archer
Amy the Starry Archer
Amy the Starry Archer
Amy the Starry Archer
Amy the Starry Archer
Amy the Starry Archer
Amy the Starry Archer

Review Amy the Starry Archer

Brandon Girod
Loads of atmosphere, gorgeous graphics
On-screen controls aren’t great, the game is unforgiving
I’m a pretty big fan of shooters from just about any walks of life. Shoot’em ups, third-person shooters, first-person shooters, doesn’t matter. Amy the Starry Archer for Android is one of the few shooters I’m actually not such a huge fan of, and despite how good this game could be, it never grabbed me in the way that I expected it to.
Part of the issue stems from the way the game handles. You have two buttons that flank the screen, the button on the right is a joystick that allows you to aim and shoot your arrows, the button on the left is one you actually tap in order to move Amy around to avoid being hit by various enemies. The aiming is somewhat rough, and depth of field plays a role despite the game not handling it very well.
The camera’s perspective is almost immediately behind the character, which means that depth of field is presented by simply showing an enemy being smaller or larger on the screen. This wasn’t something that I could easily recognize in the game, so it became really difficult to target enemies in game. Not to mention, your screen is small enough without enemies just being a few pixels large.
The graphics and atmosphere are definitely something to experience, though. You’ll fly through the world like it’s a roller coaster, and it sort of is since each level plays out like an on-rails shooter.
I was impressed with Amy the Starry Archer’s visuals and overall aesthetic, but wasn’t impressed by its gameplay. Aiming was difficult and the game doesn’t do a very good job presenting depth of field. I think offering a different camera perspective would got a long way in making the game better for players.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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