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Unison League
Unison League
Unison League
Unison League
Unison League
Unison League
Unison League
Unison League
Unison League

Review Unison League

Brandon Girod
Good graphics, fun combat system, join friends in real-time quests
Long tutorial, cluttered ui
If you’re a social gamer then Unison League for Android is a real-time RPG that you’ll fit in with perfectly. You play with other gamers around the world to form parties so you can raid, fight, and plunder loot together. The social aspects are ingrained in the game seamlessly, so you’ll make many in-game friends without even realizing it.
As per usual, you’ll start the game off with an incredibly long-winded tutorial, but you’ll eventually be left to your own devices. The tutorial helps you get set up on how to combine gear, enhance it, and level up your character.
The meat of the game revolves around participating in “quests” with other players. These quests typically take players through waves of enemies until they fight a boss at the end. Not really much of a quest, but the battle system is good enough to keep things interesting for awhile.
Parties are made up of about five people, and if you can’t find enough people then you’ll be put in groups with a few CPU-controlled players mixed in. You only need to manager your character, and you’ll do so by choosing attacks, buffs, and heals that are all set on cooldowns. That means the game isn’t turn-based, but you’re also not really running around hacking and slashing enemies. It’s not the most robust combat system out there, but it’s certainly more interesting than putting things on autopilot.
Getting near gear is pretty much the main objective of doing quests and raids, and this game certainly doesn’t sheep away from it. You’ll receive so much gear that you’ll find it difficult to keep up with the amount. If you’re someone who enjoys spending time comparing stats in a menu screen, then you’ll love this. You can also enhance gear, but that’s pretty typical for most mobile RPGs.
There isn’t much to be said about Unison League that hasn’t really been said about a nameless amount of other RPGs, but I did seem to enjoy this one a bit more. The UI is cluttered, but the combat system and the endless amount of loot perked up my interest.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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