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Anodia 2
Anodia 2
Anodia 2
Anodia 2
Anodia 2
Anodia 2
Anodia 2
Anodia 2

Review Anodia 2

Brandon Girod
Good graphics, interesting controls, more user friendly than predecessor
More of the same, no innovation
It seems like only just a few weeks ago that I was reviewing Anodia and now I get to do the same with its new brother, Anodia 2 for Android. The series involves players a game that is very reminiscent of original Brick Breaker, but with a much more modern take on the mechanics.
So, the main of objective of the game remains largely the same. You’ll have a group of objects that need to be hit, except this time they aren’t bricks. In fact, they could literally be just about anything. Therein lies the beauty of this game, however. It’s much more interactive than the original. In the first few levels I played a level where each “brick” was a floating bubble that needed to be hit several times in order to pop. These bubbles moved, as you’d expect, when I hit them with the ball or they ran into each other.
The artwork and animations are superb, the design is great, and the imagination employed when creating some of these levels is truly great. Like the first, this game gives you a set of power-ups that are largely the same as the first, but this time there is a clear indication when they will have a negative or positive impact. The power-ups draw in some extra drama to the game. There are plenty of instances where you won’t be able to avoid a negative power-up because you need to hit the ball.
The biggest downside to the game is that it is largely more of the same. I didn’t really see any new power-ups that weren’t in the game previously. There are new assets in the game, but gameplay mechanics are left unchanged.
If you’re looking for more brick breaker gameplay then Anodia 2 will certainly deliver. If you had enough after the first game then there isn’t anything here that will rope you in for a second go around.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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