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My Diary
My Diary
My Diary
My Diary
My Diary
My Diary
My Diary
My Diary

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Brandon Girod
Simple UI, synchronizes through google drive
Limited word processor functionality, incredibly basic
I stopped writing in a journal ages ago. I think most people tend to move towards blogs at some point, but there is still an argument to be made for having something personal that no one else will read but you. My Diary for Android is a very simple and clean diary app that can help you achieve that goal, but if you're wanting something a bit more full featured then you might want to look elsewhere.
The very first thing the app wants you to do when you open it is set up password protection so that no one else but you can read what you've written. You can set up a hint and give your email address so that the app can send you an email with your password in case you forget it. When you setup the password, you'll always be prompted for it when you open the app, but you can also choose to skip this if you don't mind having a less secure diary.
The UI within the app is almost painfully simple. You can create a new entry and there are several ways to sort, search, and organize your entries. Jumping into the options, you'll see the recovery email for your password, your Google Drive email linked to your phone for easy sync, and then a few other options like a night mode. The night mode is a bit of a joke, though. The dashboard of the app will always remain white. The only thing that changes to a darker color is the background when you're actually composing a new entry.
Speaking of which, the composition options are strictly limited to compose. You can literally do nothing else but write.
Overall, My Diary is an extremely simple to use diary app. It's great for what it does, but it's no word processor replacement and don't ask it to do anything more than hold your secrets in plain text.

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Usefulness 8/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 8/10
Design 7/10
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Despite what this website says, you cannot download My Diary onto a Kindle Fire as per the included instructions. I follow the instructions exactly and I get an error message that says "Apps from Google Play can't be installed on Kindle devices. Try visiting the recommended app store for your device, like the Amazon Appstore for Kindle". Needless to say, My Diary is not in the Amazon Appstore.
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