Democracy vs Freedom
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Democracy vs Freedom
Democracy vs Freedom
Democracy vs Freedom
Democracy vs Freedom
Democracy vs Freedom
Democracy vs Freedom
Democracy vs Freedom
Democracy vs Freedom
Democracy vs Freedom

Review Democracy vs Freedom

Tariq Abdulla
Donation system is not greedy, interesting graphics, interesting game play
Few players in the network
Democracy Vs Freedom is a turn based game with tanks, where you control one move at a time. You move in the four directions, and then fire a shell at your opponent; hopefully before they fire one a you. There's a blocky art style, that's difficult to interpret at first. Some blocks can be blasted through. The green blocks represent grass, where you can hide from your enemy's view (until you fire).
When you play, you choose between one of the sides: democracy (blue) or freedom (red) and the game keeps tabs on the global scores for the sides, supposedly "all in the name of science". I'm sure they are a political analogy, but I'm not exactly sure what it is. Are democracy and freedom really at odds with each other? It seems a strange choice. Freedom's logo looks vaguely communist; or maybe anarchist. Maybe that's the kind of idea: do it yourself revolutionaries vs elected governance? The winning side makes a kind of taunt, like "I'm your president now" and suchlike.
Whatever the case, these forces are battling it out with tanks. You have to wait a couple of seconds in between each move. This time gets shorter as you level up experience through winning, which makes the game slicker and easier to win against weaker opponents. You have to be facing the right way to take your shot at the other tank, so there's a critical moment after you move into their line of fire. A good tactic is usually to head straight for the nearest patch of grass, so they can't tell whether they are in your line of fire or not.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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