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Wheels Of Survival
Wheels Of Survival
Wheels Of Survival
Wheels Of Survival
Wheels Of Survival
Wheels Of Survival
Wheels Of Survival
Wheels Of Survival

Review Wheels Of Survival

Brandon Girod
Unique gameplay, easy controls, fun gameplay
Incredibly difficult, not enough checkpoints
It seems like every game on mobile can be lumped into the endless category, but Wheels of Survival for Android is a game with a definitive end. The game plays and feels very much like an endless game, and I almost called it one, but it is it’s own beast.
You play as one of 25 characters who managed to casually stroll into a pit full of cogs and deadly acid. Not something that happens to all of us, but I suppose it could. In order to save your character, you’ll need to guide it out of the pit by jumping from cog to cog. Easier said than done. There are tons of cogs on each level, and not all of them need to be used in order to get out alive. You’ll also want to be careful because the pit is apparently some kind of acid volcano. The acid is on the rise and you need to beat it out.
Jumping from cog to cog is easy: tap the screen and your character will launch itself in whatever direction it was aiming in. You’ll need to be careful, some cogs won’t be in a position to lead you anywhere and some are blocked by obstacles, so you’ll need to wait until you and your target are in the exact spot needed to land safely.
Gameplay in this game is fun but frantic. There were times I found myself digress to simply tapping the crap out of the screen in hopes that I’d make it somewhere as the acid began rising and nipping at my heels. Not the best plan of action, I admit. Unlocks are frequent enough to keep you interested in the long run, and each level is fun, though not necessarily unique.
Wheels of Survival is the perfect game if you want an endless experience without all of the frustration of never really getting anywhere.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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