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Infinity Diablo
Infinity Diablo
Infinity Diablo
Infinity Diablo
Infinity Diablo
Infinity Diablo

Review Infinity Diablo

Sergei Petrov
Infinity Diablo - this is a very simple action game for Android, which is by no means a complete, since everything here is - this is a big level, where you can move freely and kill attacking from all sides of the skeletons.
Development of the game deals with young studio SD and above what has been achieved to developers, so it's just stunning graphics and highly detailed textures and simply amazing lighting effects and shadows. The level of graphics the game can be related to computer games in between 2006-2008.
How did you achieve such stunning detail and optimization - is unknown, but we were impressed. It is unfortunate that in addition to graphics in the game are very rough and simplified geimpley and actually missing something that might be called the story and the game.


We appear in a forest glade, where after a few seconds we begin to run on all sides armed skeletons, from which we must dismiss and fight back. If we miss about 2-3 strike, they have immediately destroyed, and that will be "Game Over". In general, the goal of the game - to hold out as long as possible and kill the maximum number of enemy skeletons.
Control of the game is very simple and clear: to the left is the wheel to move around, and the right side - the area for management review and two buttons to attack. The green button is responsible for normal attack, and red for the super powerful punch (their number is limited.)

Features Infinity Diablo for Android:

  • Schedule the next generation;
  • Realistic weather effects and shadows;
  • The simple interface and management;
  • One more level and the army of angry skeletons.
If we consider only the game as an example of a beautiful tech graphics on Android, it's a good and decent technical demo, but if the developers consider it a full game, that is very, very weak.
Summary. Infinity Diablo - it's very short and primitive shooter for Android with graphics the next generation, which will activate all the cores of your smartphone or tablet to the fullest. Given that you can download the game for free, we recommend you to do it at least to see what your device is capable of in graphic terms.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 2/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 4/10
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