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Rescue Co.
Rescue Co.
Rescue Co.
Rescue Co.
Rescue Co.
Rescue Co.
Rescue Co.
Rescue Co.

Review Rescue Co.

Brandon Girod
Good graphics, responsive controls, black holes
Repetitive gameplay, slow difficulty curve
Rescue Co. for Android is an odd game to put my finger on. On one hand, it reminds me a lot of the Trials franchise, but on the other hand it’s something that feels completely unique and original. You are a Rescuenaut and you must guide some stranded explorer to safety by spinning them.
Starting up a level, you’ll find two explorers that need to be saved. In order to do that, you’ll need to roll them across the terrain. Unlike Trials, where you need to constantly balance your bike to stay upright, you’ll actually just need to overcome each level’s environmental obstacles in a way where your two explorers are always in the middle of the screen. If they move too far to the left or right then they’ll basically fly off into space and die. Presumably.
When I first started the game I thought it was really difficult. Then I figured out how to properly manipulate the explorers and the game because way easier. One of the difficult mechanics in the game is the fact that you really only control the big explorer. The smaller one is basically “tethered” to the larger one, and if it gets stuck then you’re basically stuck trying to maneuver it with just the larger explorer before the left side of the screen catches up to you and kills you. Also, don’t be afraid to constantly be swiping.
As you progress from level to level, you’ll pick up gears, which act as the game’s currency system. This currency can be used to purchase upgrades that will manipulate the way your explorers act, such as the ability to have the smaller explorer follow you closer.
Rescue Co. is a really fun game, but it’s one that does get repetitive pretty early on. I played through ten levels in a row and couldn’t remember a single one because none of them stuck out to me. None of them were any more difficult than the other. As I continued to play through the game, I noticed that there were more mechanics introduced, like black holes and TNT boxes, but the game never got super difficult. I think this is a fun way to spend an afternoon, but I question its long term appeal to fans.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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