Bad Eggs Online 2
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Bad Eggs Online 2
Bad Eggs Online 2
Bad Eggs Online 2
Bad Eggs Online 2
Bad Eggs Online 2
Bad Eggs Online 2
Bad Eggs Online 2
Bad Eggs Online 2

Review Bad Eggs Online 2

Brandon Girod
Excellent physics, good online play, lots of weapons
Could use a menu tutorial
What happens when you take the worms out of Worms and replace them with eggs? Bad Eggs Online 2 for Android. What is it? Well, it's Worms, but with eggs. I guess most importantly, it's free.
If you have no idea what Worms is then no worries. These games are what some might consider "artillery" games. They are multiplayer games in which players form teams and use various weapons to try and blast each other to smithereens. What makes these games difference from other action games is that it's turn based, and you can't move and find. Every weapon has to be aimed and you have to take physics into consideration when you do.
Let's look at an example. I'm on one side of the level, there is a tree in front of me, and my opponent is sitting lower, in a crater. This is my first time shooting at him, so I want to be careful because I have few ammunition in all of my weapons save for grenades. Grenades are infinite. So what I have to do is figure out what it's gonna take to lob the grenade over that tree and land in the ditch. The key is that it has to reach there within three seconds because my grenade has a detonation timer (like all grenades). As you can see, games can be quite interesting, especially when you have 3 vs. 3 or other games like it.
This isn't a simple knock-off, though. There are practice modes you'll want to go into so you can learn how each weapon operates, there is a robust match-making system, a ranking system, and tons more. Everything is played online against real opponents, though you can play against A.I. in the practice mode. There are also a surprising amount of weapons in the game, though none of them feel as cool as some of the later Worms games that I've played previously.
Bad Eggs Online 2 is a great artillery game. It's got a ton of weapons to master, lots of different levels you can play on, and online multiplayer felt smooth and fun. I wouldn't say it's as polished as Worms, but for free, it's pretty dang close.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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