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Feed the Bear
Feed the Bear
Feed the Bear
Feed the Bear
Feed the Bear
Feed the Bear
Feed the Bear
Feed the Bear
Feed the Bear
Feed the Bear
Feed the Bear
Feed the Bear
Feed the Bear
Feed the Bear
Feed the Bear
Feed the Bear
Feed the Bear
Feed the Bear

Review Feed the Bear

Brandon Girod
Good controls, lots of levels
There are a million ads, angry bird mechanics but less engaging
There is nothing more frustrating about playing a game than having to sit through ad after ad after ad. My experience with Feed the Bear for Android was so ad filled that it’s a bit hard to remember the actual parts of the game.
The core of the gameplay is very much like Angry Birds but with worse level design and heavier physics. Like the title implies, you’re trying to fling bits of food at a bear for him to eat and each bit of food gives you a different score multiplier tied to it. However, I never noticed any of the different fruits having different effects while flying through the air than others. You also don’t necessarily need to get a certain amount of fruits to the bear. Some will be used as cannon fodder to try and bring down obstacles while others will be flung directly to the bear to maximize points.
Aside from the numerous and lengthy video ads, there is also an ad banner that isn’t directly on the bottom of the screen but raised up to a spot that’s in the natural spot for you to tap when you’re shooting the fruit. In other words, the game seems designed from the ground up to get you to tap as many ads as possible.
I wasn’t really impressed with Feed the Bear at all and it blows my mind that it has so many positive reviews despite the numerous ads it shoves down your throat. The game does have some pretty solid controls but honestly Angry Birds is just a better experience for the player.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
Tariq Abdulla
Interesting graphics, lots of levels, simple controls
Too many ads
Feed the Bear for Android challenges you to feed a hungry bear by firing food at them from a canon. You change the arc of the canon shot by dragging around with your finger, to change both the angle and power. You can see where it is directed to go, so to make things more difficult, there are all kinds of obstacles in the way. You are forced to think creatively about how you can fire your delicious ammo so that it winds up landing in the bear's waiting mouth.
In some cases, you'll need to knock boxes over with your first couple of shots to open up a path. In others you need to add to the obstacles using some available pieces, so that the food rolls down towards the bear. In still other circumstances, the obstacles themselves will contain trapped food, which you need to release somehow; for example by removing something in the way. There are also chameleons who want to snatch your projectile snacks out the air with their super-long tongues; so you have to be sure your shot goes well above them.
Feed the Bear is decent fun, and gets credit for an original game design, with loads of levels to work through. Lots of ads in the free version though, so you may wish to pay to remove them if your kids do get keen on this one. I found it a little confusing with the different food types, how many shots you actually have, and what it takes to be successful in a level; but I'm sure these details become clear if you focus on them a bit more.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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