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Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga

Review Candy Crush Saga

Alexander Vorobyev
Decent animation, neat graphics, addictive game play
Difficult to play without in-app purchases
Candy Crush Saga is a really addictive and colorful classic genre puzzle game for Android devices. Instead of old boring geometrical figures, in this game you will need to place together lollipops of different colors as well as cakes. Be careful and don’t lick your device!
Released by King studio, this game can be fairly called the tastiest puzzle game ever made. The developers put all their care and love into that game and managed to create a distinctive masterpiece out of the old and boring puzzle genre.

Game play

This game features over 400 levels that become more and more difficult as you play. However, at first you will begin playing on small levels that would seem really easy. The playfield will be full of candies of different colors that you will need to group by three or more as well as make L and T shaped combinations. Apart from more points, any combination of over three fruit will turn into a super candy or cake that blows up candies of certain color when you use it (or at the end of the level).
There is no time limit in the game, but every level will have a score target and limited number of moves. The less moves used and more score obtained, the more points you will get in the end. At the beginning, you will be given hints that will help you play. Apart from this, you will be able to use boosts that facilitate the whole procedure. The game features several game modes and in-game tasks.

Key features of Candy Crush Saga for Android:

  • Delicious 3D-like graphics;
  • Over 400 levels;
  • Distributed for free;
  • Many in-game tasks;
  • Built-in hints;
  • Simple controls.
One of the fewer drawbacks of the game that we can list is that sometimes levels are so difficult that you may be tempted to buy in-game boosts that will make it easier to play.


Candy Crush Saga is so far one of the best free unusual puzzle games for Android. It is highly addictive because of its game play and colorful graphics as well as in-game tasks. All fans of brain teaser and sweets should check it out!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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Ratu majhi
Write a comment...semtuyou
Write a comment... naic
maina buragohain
its too good i love ds game more nd more
Write a comment... i li me Thais game
Nice game
keeps crashing before opening i have a vodafone smart tablet 4.4.2version please help the people at KING are NO help!!
Emperor Melle Mill
Emperor Melle Mill09 Oct 2016, at 15:57
Once played it and its a nice one
Tina15 Aug 2016, at 07:09BLU Studio 5.5
I can't play my games on blu studio 5.5c
Dennis green
I want play candy crush saga free install now!
I want to download candy crush saga for play lenovo k900
kyi kyi
l want to downloadcandy crush saga
have checked and phone says android version 4.4.2 and when trying to download candy crush it says "this app is incompatible with all of your devices???? what do I do now?  same is happening on samsung3......
just want to clarify po. I already install the candy crush on my samjung j1 phone but after opening the apps it suddenly close/
rejust want to clarify po. I already install the candy crush on my samjung j1 phone but after opening the apps it suddenly close/
Hi I am using Samsung Galagy Tab android version 4.0.4. When I open the app it is blinking continuously and after that itis closing automatically. Can you pls help me whether candy crush saga is compatiable for this android version or not.
Brandon Girod
Hi! Do you know how to clear your app's cache? Try doing that. Let me know if you need help. 
I m using Samsung galaxy grand jelly of the game r nt visible it looks total black why so waiting fr reply
Samsung GT-I9082 Galaxy Grand
Samsung GT-I9082 Galaxy Grand04 Jun 2016, at 13:50
jellies are not visible
Brandon Girod
What kind of phone are you using and what version of Android is it running?
Mikki19 May 2016, at 16:45Samsung GT-S5300 Galaxy Pocket
Thanks for the game
Brandon Girod
Glad you like it!
Tried to download candy crush saga following directions for Motorola Droid Mini, but Google Play says not compatible and Chrome sends me to invalid page.
Brandon Girod
Have you tried searching for it on your own Play Store app? Sometimes the links are locked to region. 
After upgrading my phone i m not able to install candy crush saga,soda saga,diamond digger,farm heroes says your phone is not compatible for this version.


Please help

I m using micromax A106
Brandon Girod
What version of Android are you on?
Hi im using sumsng grand.but candy crush says your fone is not compatible.why
Brandon Girod
Click on the text that says "incompatible" and it should give you a list of reasons. 
Atiq21 Feb 2016, at 12:02Samsung GT-I9082 Galaxy Grand
Dear im using sumsamg grand .but candy crush says u r fone is not compatible.why?
Why not downloaded in my mobl
Brandon Girod
Hi! Can you be more descriptive about what issues you're having? 
Hi, i am using VIVO Y15s, 5.1 Lolipop, it says my phone is not compatible, what to do?
Haii..i've play this game lv 901..but now i have problem that candy crash saga is not phone is 4.2.2 - GTI9082
Brandon Girod
Try clearing the Google Play Store's data from your phone. 
Hitakshi31 Jan 2016, at 14:10Samsung GT-I9082 Galaxy Grand
Hi i hv samsun gt-i9082 ..after gormating my phone I m nt able to candy crudh n candy ctudh soda as well..saying yhat nt compatible gor ur device
I have an lg stylo from boost mobile candy crush is not compatible with myphone but my husband has the same exact phone as i do and he can get it and yes my phone is updated to lollipop system any ideas?
Brandon Girod
This sounds like a really odd situation. You guys are on the same carrier, too? 
I had both candy crush saga and candy crush soda saga on my phone and I had to do a factory reset and now it says my device is not compatible please help
Tariq Abdulla
see if you can update android
my cell is samsung gt6102

candicrush is not compatible what should i do?
Tariq Abdulla
there isn't much you can do I'm afriar, although there are loads of other match 3 games out there.
Tariq Abdulla
I'm afriad there is not much you can do if your device is incompatible. but there are a lot of other match three games that you can try...
May monk
My phone had candy crush and I had to restart my phone and know it's saying it's not compatible. I was on level 1178 why can't I play now
Tariq Abdulla
Yikes, that's a high level! If you're lucky, your game progress will have been stored by google play services. Go find candy crush in the Play store, first see if you can update it, if not try reinstalling it. Good luck.
I'm on 1073 I got a new LG phone and reads Candy Crush is not compatible. What I thought was Candy Crush was something else that messed up phone till I uninstalled it.. Damn!
Tariq Abdulla
whoa! level 1178, that's good going... sorry to hear that...check if you can update android on your phone...
I cant download candy crush soda n saga pls help me showin its not compatibil on urs device
Tariq Abdulla
I'm afraid that means it's not compatible... sorry.... but there are loads of similar games available:
I had to factory reset my lenovo yoga android version 4.2.2 and now it says that my device is not compatible with this version, before the reset I was able to play just fine according to the requirements it should run just fine. Please help.
Tariq Abdulla
have you checked whether you are able to update android? (Are you sure you still have 4.2.2. after the reset?)
I can't download candy crush saga in my phone Samsung galaxy grand duos after formatting.... it shows your phone isn't compatible for this..... ply help me out
hi did u get it to work after I am having the same problem with my sony experia
Tariq Abdulla
check if you can update android; it may be that formatting the phone rolled back the android version
Tariq Abdulla
can you check if you are able to update android, in your device settings?
I can't download soda in my new phone Sony m 4 aqua.

Pls help and reply.
Tariq Abdulla
hey there. to download candy crush, just tap on the "free version" link above.
Mine just keeps crashing when I play it and goes bk 2 the home screen and king won't do anything they r useless being lazy and bone idle I want it sorted now.
Tariq Abdulla
Have you tried re-installing it?
anju atrey
I enjoy this game
Carol06 Oct 2015, at 00:55LG GT540 Optimus
Will Candycrush work Alcatel One Touch 5020X M'Pop 5020
Tariq Abdulla
try it and let us know!
ANDROID MOBILE 2.3.615 Sep 2015, at 08:06
I love candy crush saga game but that game was not able to download in my mobile (android2.3.6) so what the next option for me. Please reply me. 
Tariq Abdulla
There are plenty of similar games to choose from. Personally, I like Cupcake Mania. Farm Heroes Saga or Angry Birds Fight are also good
Some reason candy crush won't down load please help me
Tariq Abdulla
what happens when you try to download it?
Tariq Abdulla
hey there, you can follow the "free version" link above. What happens when you try to download it?
Phyllis Prior
I can't seem to get any King games on Asus EEE pad TF101.

I reached level 585 on Candy Crush then the screen went into Mosaic mode which doesn't show any info. many moves or anything ?????
Tariq Abdulla
Wow, level 585, that's good going well done! Not sure what would cause that, but hope you get it working again...
h rai
i like candy crush saga
shy07 Jul 2015, at 03:49Alcatel One Touch MIX 918
How to download
Tariq Abdulla
just tap on "free version" above to go to the Play store
j-anN Garcia
" I love this game "

I want to this again and again "
nicole bromfield
this game is great
I need candy crush saga game
Tariq Abdulla
Hi there, there's a link for the game above the review. Just tap on "free version" to go to the Play store. 
Miss Dianna
tablet is 2 days old, loaded crush candy played happily for a day now every time I try to play it just shuts down and goes back to main screen (never connected to Facebook, as I don't use it) is this why or is there another problem?
Miss Dianna
Thinking of uninstalling and reloading again guess I just lose all progress. Hope it wont happen again
I like this game
want to play this again and again
Vlad Popa
It's quite an addictive little game
Pranil ajwelkar
i love this game
game is very nice&I like you
Is candy crush soda compatible with Nokia Lumia 635
kushal30 Dec 2014, at 00:03Samsung GT-S6102 Galaxy Y Duos
No it is not compatable with s6102
I love this games
I love this gamebut the game was don't supports
Is candy crush soda saga available in the app store I can't find it. I tried to download it but I don't have Google play. Is there any way to download it on my kindle fire (2nd generation)
Vlad Popa
It is available in the AppStore for iOS, you can either check the iOS version of our site, or search for it directly. As far as the Kindle Fire goes, you will need to check the Amazon Store as I do not have a Kindle Fire on hand to check and see if it is available for it. Let me know if you require more assistance.
rkk16 Nov 2014, at 07:50Samsung GT-S5830 Galaxy Ace
I m nt able to install candy crush on my galaxy ace mobile...please help me out m using 2.3.6android
Vlad Popa
What exactly is the issue when attempting to install it? Please be as descriptive as possible. What error message is displayed? Did it download successfully?
sherralyn rama
i can't install candy crush saga,,iwant to install this game
Vlad Popa
What exactly happens that prevents you from installing? Also, please mention what device and OS are you using?
kevinuo keyho
I can't download candy crush games trying alot but nothing is working I don't understand what is the problem please help me out to down load fast as I am very much eager to play this game thank you.
Vlad Popa
Can you please offer some more information about the issue? What device are you using? What download and installation method are you using? What is the exact behavior that causes it to fail?
Sangita more
Hi plz help me next level
Hi plz help me dwnload free candy crush fruits on my blackberry thnx
Excellent game I like this...
analyn saguiped duton
analyn saguiped duton07 Oct 2014, at 20:25
I want to install candy crush saga b-4 im installing now i cant
alvincent03 Oct 2014, at 13:30Samsung GT-S5300 Galaxy Pocket
that was so amazing
upendra19 Sep 2014, at 19:45Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y
Samsung galaxy candy crush saga game not install
why i cant install candy crush in my samsung galaxy ace gt s5830i?
biswajit18 Jul 2014, at 15:36Sony Xperia M
i am unable to reinstall invalid url shown please help
Not upgrades in nokiaX
please develope it for ARMV6 galaxy ace
zuber shaikh
Nokia xl
I cant able to start candy crush saga
Support candy crush saga nokia xl
Nokia xl. Not start candy crush saga
Rex06 Jul 2014, at 22:02Samsung GT-I9500 Galaxy S4
I can't install the latest update for my candy crush in my Samsung S4? Can anyone please help me to resolve this problem? thanks
Why my HTC one max cannot update Candy crush? Could anyway to solve problem? Many thanks...
I can continue the game. Thanks a lot!
Tuss02 Jul 2014, at 18:04Samsung GT-S7562 Galaxy S Duos
i cant able to play 591 level in my samsung galaxy s7562..anyone help me ...
Dar'ya Suvorova
That is way too far for me, I'm sorry)
can i ask how many MB are there in candy crush if i install it in my cellphone...? thank you guys...! i appreciate ur reply...! god bless...
why i cant install candy crush in my GT-S5830i ?
Hi there i have a samsung galaxy s4 mini can you please tell me if i can play candy crush saga on it because i can't seem to find it??
Hi there i have a samsung galaxy s4 mini can you please tell me if i can play candy crush saga on it because i can't seem to find it??
navnath18 Jun 2014, at 21:24Samsung Galaxy Pop
i hv samsung galaxy pop. is the candy crush saga is compatible with this phone as it is not open in my phone
pl. guide me
navnath18 Jun 2014, at 21:23Samsung Galaxy Pop
i hv samsung galaxy pop. is the candy crush saga is compatible with this phone as it is not open in my phone
pl. guide me
navnath18 Jun 2014, at 21:23Samsung Galaxy Pop
i hv samsung galaxy pop. is the candy crush saga is compatible with this phone as it is not open in my phone
pl. guide me
navnath18 Jun 2014, at 21:22Samsung Galaxy Pop
i hv samsung galaxy pop. is the candy crush saga is compatible with this phone as it is not open in my phone
pl. guide me
navnath18 Jun 2014, at 21:22Samsung Galaxy Pop
i hv samsung galaxy pop. is the candy crush saga is compatible with this phone as it is not open in my phone
pl. guide me
navnath18 Jun 2014, at 21:22Samsung Galaxy Pop
i hv samsung galaxy pop. is the candy crush saga is compatible with this phone as it is not open in my phone
pl. guide me
navnath18 Jun 2014, at 21:21Samsung Galaxy Pop
i hv samsung galaxy pop. is the candy crush saga is compatible with this phone as it is not open in my phone
pl. guide me
navnath18 Jun 2014, at 21:21Samsung Galaxy Pop
i hv samsung galaxy pop. is the candy crush saga is compatible with this phone as it is not open in my phone
pl. guide me
Permainannya Candy rush saga setengah seru
Uvaiz Ahmed
Hi my phone new Nokia xl android phone but ths idiots nokia not open whatsapp and candy crush saga how can i use ths phone ????????????? Tell me frends
Time Pass

I am also using Nokia XL and Candy crush is working Candy Crush Saga 2.3.8 it will work fine for u 2.........U
How to download
I also using nokia xl...
problem are same as ahmed mobile ,,,, whats app.. and candy crust saga game not working ...
any one help me plz......
Komal Naz
this game can be downloaded from mobogeini, or google play, but poor nokia X users cant play it, because it crashed before it open. such a bad feeling
Time Pass
Excuse me madam but Nokia XL is the best mobile ever............and i can run all android apps on it.........candy crush also........U
Pls tell me how download candy for xl
bhhavesh rawal
How to download candy crush and whatsapp for xl
Download first whats app then what sapp plus from same number I will work definitely
it crashed before it can even open on my device..
Kindle users, can you tell me what board Candy Crush Saga goes up to with the recent update?
cheryllastique@facebook.com23 Apr 2014, at 02:12
would like to play the game if it will download on my ipad other wise am still waiting to see what everyone else is excited about !
This game is brilliant you should give it go xx!!!
my phone is firefly mobile
mae26 Mar 2014, at 22:18Alcatel One Touch Start
Candy crush is fin
tkay20 Mar 2014, at 23:22Samsung GT-I9500 Galaxy S4
its taking too long fo to download whoo i hope its worth it
Its boring as and it clashes all the time its rubbis
helped me out thanks alot
Gill18 Mar 2014, at 02:553Q Qoo! TAB Surf TS1004T
I used to be able to tap the cross on" stampede run" to return to game. Now it is taking ages and meant taps. How can I get rid of it?
maureen26 Feb 2014, at 19:28Prestigio MultiPad PMP3384B
Why can't this app be installed it tells me candy crush will be installed soon what do I need to install it
I have a Samsung galaxy s 2 and ever since my phone updated, I have been unable to re-download it because it stops around 30 percent and says there's an error. Is there a way to fix this?
whyteswift20 Feb 2014, at 11:19Samsung GT-I9250 Galaxy Nexus
My phone is samsung GT-19250 Galxy Nexus i can't downlod..why was it? Please help me TQ
Nidhi Sarathy
My phone is of samsung mega 5.8.. I am unable to download the Candy Crush Saga in my phone due to an error (491).. can you please suggest what best i can do to get it in on my phone.. i have got very much addicted and i cannot live without playing game now.. please suggest asap!!! thank you so much
My phone is samsung galaxy pop but it is not compatible and i m not able to install it
Mary W
This game keeps crashing on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. It get hung up and crashes and I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and it still crashes. I finally removed it. It is too aggravating and I do not need the drama. I have other games that do not crash. Go to hades Candy Crush Saga.
patricia albert
I love to play candy crush, but sometime my internet connection didn’t load my game. So to get rid of this issue I used to test my internet speed by visiting and test my internet speed. After that my game runs perfectly fine.
This is a beautiful game.
I really love this game.
helena smith
When is the next update
Paano po mag download ng free s android tablet
paano po magdowlnload
Does it works in galaxy y
bakit ba hindi po mag download
Have kindle fire hd an candy crush only went to level 245 will I get anymore ???
how did u download candy crush on ur kindle
My phone is LG-E400 BUT y cant download candry crush saga.. reply me asap..
pwede ba download candy crush sa n820
It can work with my android saya s
bqt ndi nagana sa samsung galaxy y ko?
Cant conect candy crush from face book got a sony xperia j
I love this game its the best
compatible ba ang candy crush sa SAMSUNG GALAXY STAR??? reply pls...
Won't connect to fb..where can I find the updated version?..thank you..
Mary Grace Eugalca
Mary Grace Eugalca01 Jul 2013, at 19:37
Ang lake talaga ng suso ko. gusto kong chumupa
Mang Kanor
the game is bulok
i download it but i cant install on my samsung galaxy young plss help. . ilove this game
robin lopez
i cant connect my candy crush to my fb....what should i phone is xperia j
robin lopez
my candy crush saga can't connect to candy crush on fb..why..
how do i get it onto my phone
how can i download candy crush in my samsung galaxy y,,it isnt compatible in my device..
Application oot istall pls help
I cant install the apps trough samsung galaxy s gt9000. Please help me
This will de my first time playing this game and i love it so much.
i try to download candy crush saga, and it completely downloaded, but when i try to install it on my galaxy y GT-S5360, it said, application not installed, please help!
''telefono'' samsung galaxy ace gt s 7500 poche parole aprendo il gioco da facebook mi fa iniziare dal 1° livello e non dal livello 130 in cui sono nel PC ...qualcuno ne sa qualcosa????
How can i download it galaxy ace pls help??
thank its working 100% for galaxy
cant play it on my android via galaxy young its not capable very disappointed, not happy at all when will it work?
Try going to and try to download it
Ive bin trying to download candy crush saga but it doesnt wrk for my LG optimus E400,
Samsung Tab 2 7.0 - it was working fine and connecting with fb. Now won't even download. Very annoyed
It don't work on my Razer I, plz help
Samsung galaxy s
It says it is incompatible with my device is there anything I can do??
Installed on Motorola Droid 2...appeared to install ok but when i open it it just exits...any help would be much appreciated!!!
i download it yet It can't be install..
Helped me sooo much. I was afraid that my nook wouldnt b able to get it but it can. Yayyy
this is not compatible with the galaxy music in spite of what it says at the top of this page
how it works on galaxy ace?
jhanine pelale
I don't have google play store ..getjar and slide me only..
jhanine pelale
Why I can't download candy crush in my coby kyros tab mid 8048. Please help me to fix this problem
katatanga nyo sa mga hindi gumagana tignan nyo muna yung format ng games ninyo
Thisis a joke
Please help. Not working wth my htc wildfire s.
Francis reilly
i have the samsung SIII mini why is candy crush saga not compaible or will not install, any update
Francis reilly
i have the samsung SIII mini why i candy crush saga not compaible or will not install, any update
i have the samsung SIII mini why i candy
i have the samsung SIII mini why i candy14 Jun 2013, at 23:08
any update
Nancy Raburn
I have a Hauwei920. This app is not comparable with my Hauwei920 why? I play this on my Mini Ipad. Love this app please help.
why is it not working on my galaxy y?
Please help! I cant download candy crush saga apk on my samsung galaxy GT S5300..what will i do.?
The last update is damn craxy!!!!!!!! I can't completely download it.. it stuck at 5%!,,,,,, WHY
*crying face*
its not compatible with de HTC Chacha
Galaxy mini
works on galaxy mini?
Niloloko lang kayo nian!
why can't I download candy crush sa
why can't I download candy crush sa10 Jun 2013, at 09:54
why can't I download candy crush saga on Samsung Tab 2 7.0?
FB error message no connection with the game try later.....
Razr i android 4.1.2 just closes on orange screen. Tryed the 2 versions and the same problem persistt. Any idea? Tks
come on make it compatible on the samsung galaxy ace S5830 )''':
damn, cant be installed.
how i download hotsport shield
The application Candy Crush Saga is compatible with *Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y* on the system requirements. Why its said this but not compatible on Samsung galaxy y. Please help me
Jan Beej
You're stuck with Candy Crush? Take a look at the Tips and Tricks i sorted out for you..
.y i can't download for how many times i tried..but not compatible with my android myphone A618TvDuo.. can u help me to find alternative download..ders no brand in myphone
why isn't it working on my phone. galaxy y gt 5360?
oh men candy crush is so cool
I like it very much
HELP! I just switched phones and amunable to connect to FB for candy crush to interact with other players..I have the samsung Galaxy Relay any suggestions? Tmobile said to contact but i cant....i emailed 4 days ago with no response!
This iphone so y so hard to install this games .
it wont install..
This game pissin me the fuck off
Bn tryna download candy crush saga 4 a while noww...keeps sauin game not compitable....i hav a droid zte how can it plz hehelp
pissed off
why will my Samsung galaxy note 8.0 not connect to facebook via candy crush game????????????????
its working on my Samsung Galaxy Y .. i downloaded the APK installer.. great game by the way...
application not installed. why?
Why wil this stupid thing not work!!!!!!!!
Come on why is it so hard to Connect it to my nook
Help i do not think this thing works help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why won't it connect to facebook
can't get on my nook
can't get on my nook27 May 2013, at 05:30
has anyone had success downloading to the nook tablet?
I download it and try to install but it didnt work on my samsung galaxy y. Please help!
pano bang idownload ???? help.. e how to download. this game
candy crush saga is not compatible in my device? (galaxy young here) but why? help me plz....
fh dtvfytuvujv
I no pass level 65 Ilook you tube and I try still and no pass
does this work
cant download it on samsung young gt s5363
not installed...pls help how to install candy crush saga on my s5360
Why isn't this game compatible for my Samsung Admire SCH-R720? ?
How do I get the game on my kindle fire
Why isn't this game compatible for Samsung RCH720???
hey guys how can i download candy crush for my samsung glaxya pocket gt-s5300 ?? pLeas heLp me..
How can i download candy crush to my galaxy y?
ang saya maglaro ng candy crush
plz help me,,,i can download candy crush saga,for my samsung galaxy ace gt-s5830,but the prblem is force close,,,when im finish donwloadthe games,what is the exactly plz tell me,,im so crazy with thhis games
how to download ?this one
i totally like this game!!!!!! XD Lol
i like this game
Please help me download on my motorola razr i
I think candy crush is fun
pano po mag download ng candy crush sa tablet intex po ung tatak nya salamat po
ang ganda nang candy crush
how can download on my samsung pocket sg5300 it's so hard
Compatible b s coby mid8048?help me pls.
alread download.. my proble is.. the view is larger..not even can see the loading word. ad the candies.. plz help.. dying for this game..
pano b maka download ng candy crush
pano b maka download ng candy crush19 May 2013, at 18:03
Compatible b s samsung galaxy y un candy crush
pano b maka download ng candy crush
pano b maka download ng candy crush19 May 2013, at 18:03
Compatible b s samsung galaxy y un candy crush
Try to reduce the size and quality using chainfire 3d . For rooted phone only
chirstine  payno
i love this very much
chris humphreys
can someone tell me how to get it on my htc wildfire please
wala kon sau ang papanget nyo tanga
Can not download candy crush saga to kindle
Won't download on my kindle fire tablet.....tried everything
Can't download candy crush saga to my kindle fire tablet..... help
Can't download candy crush saga on my kindle fire tablet?help
I cant download to my kindle......why
i finished the 275 stage in my galaxy s3 but there is no other stage, what should i do?
I cant download candy crush on my divice xperia x10..why?
Working great thanks, no messing about to do either.
Downloaded it from my Samsung Galaxy S3 but when I open it, it just loads and exits without any message.
minimum requirement stated cpu armv6 but still cannot play on samsung galaxy ace. so sad
getting annoyed
I have a samsung galaxy note 2 it is two days old I Can not Download candy crush Saga it tells me Package is invalid
It downloaded and it works but I cant connect to my FB acct
Did u find a way 2 do it.?
yadixz obida
i can't download candy crush sagain my samsung mini please help iwant to play my device said not compatible thank you..
app to work game
Can you send me the relevent software for candy crush saga can be played on my samsung galaxy mini GT-S5570 please.?
can not play game
Download app to play game
Download CF3D App and it will work on you
why is not compatible with samsung pocket?
Absolute nonsense, the list up there covers most things yet I work on them and find it doesn't really !! why lie ? Ive tried it on 40+ android devices now, phone and tablet, not seen it work even once yet. I think its been tested on one, and the makers just want you all on facebook to play it instead :-o
Download it on aptoid instead on google market
linda bennett
Can't find game to install. Downloaded but can't find game wow very aggrivating
samantha gillard
I love this game because it's cool and relaxing
why cant I get it on my Samsung galaxy europa
because u don't have one
because u don't have one12 May 2013, at 01:43
Because u don't have one
this game will work for samsung galaxy y users?
it doesn`t work in galaxy y
ive changed my phone 3 times in the past week to try and get candy crush although when i bought each phone i got told i could get it theyve all said not compatible. i now have a samsung galaxy ace and downloaded the link above... instaled it fine but when ever i try to open it it comes up closed unexspectedly. force close. help plz
why I cant download it using my samsung
why I cant download it using my samsung 10 May 2013, at 21:43
why I can't download it to my samsung S it's always error 497 how can I fix that? PLS HELP ME thanks
Not compatible with galaxy y duos. Help me!
glynis wallace
So disappointing
glynis wallace
Cant get this on galaxy ace do disappointing
Why. Can t. I Download candy crush to. My. Pantech phone please help me
candy crush saga doesnt work to my galaxy mini , . What im doing ?
Won't download to my nook. Thisis so fraking annoying
I can't download it on my tab..y?? Tell me wat to do.
dumadi du.......
I cant able to instal candy crush ......
keeps saying not compatible with my Samsung galaxy mini any help ?
I can't connect to the Google store to collect lives or charms
In order to load it to a kindle fire hd, it has to be rooted.
i have galaxy P1000 and everytime i try to download this app it tells me an error was encountered but wont tell me what the error is. Halp!!!!!
not compatible for galaxy young
Doesnt work on experia 8
it was not downloading full. only 2.7 MB but its 31.56.. why is that so ??
Lg e400 showing not compatible.. pls help me how to make it compatible
shit game dont work htc disire
i cant share on my samsung phone the candy crush saga
i can't install candy crush saga on my phone [ samsung galaxy y GT-S5360 ] .... somebody help me pls!!!!!!!
Shit game. Doesn't work on RAZR i
I downloaded it and I can play it, but I can't link it to my Facebook account? Any suggestions?
On the kindle how to you get back to it once you exit out
its not working in my galaxy pocket
Nice game you got there in the Earth... Here in my place is very popular and very crazy..! its off the hook...! death will go on a day off...! see you later...!
I have been trying to get Candy Crush Saga for my Kindle fire and it does say you can get the app for it but I can't find it or figure it out. I am addicted to the game on my cell phone but my eyes are horrible and want to play it on the Kindle because of the bigger screen. Please help me out with trying to get the game on to my Kindle I will be truly grateful for the help!
I can't install candy crush on Samsung galaxy y gt s5360,.please help! i want this game so badly.
For anyone wanting to play on the kindle fire follow this link. Just put it on my cousins kindle fire and now Im the local candy crush installer for everyone with a kindle. lol.
i got it on kindle fire but can't connect to facebook any ideas
To those having hard time connecting to facebook, try getting a vpn hotspotshield app. After gettomh and connecting to vpn everything worked fine for my galaxy note 10.1. Hope it helps.
Does anyone know how to connect to candy crush through facebook on samsung s4 everytime I try to connect it wont let me
shock it doesnt work
I had no problems installing on my Kindle Fire, but unfortunately it winy allow me to connect through FB, so there's no point for someone like me that is already very far in the game because I have to start all over with this.
Pls just sort all issues out for all phones my phone galaxy ace .not happy
My alcatel 918n isn't compatible with the app. Please help!
i can download candy crush saga to galaxy young,but cant install it,any way to install???
Have a samsung I9000. It worked for ages. But suddenly kept crashing so uninstalled and now I can't reinstall cos my phones not compatable!!!!!!.arrrrghhh WHY?
Showed its installed but cannot find the icon at homescreen. Cannot delete or re.installed either.pls help me
cant download on my kindle fire or galaxy ace
I can't dwnload it to my tablet....
I see the game for Nook tablet but download unsucessful. What now??
i like candy crush
Won't download on htc wildfire says its not compatible.... HELP PLEASE
I have loaded onto my FonePad via Play Store, but I can't get it to load and play.
Please can somone help ....i need it for my Galaxy Ace
is candy crush compatible with coby kyros mid7038?
I can't get candy crush on my samsung gt19000 keeps saying device not compatible can anyone help please
Cant get on my lg optimus v
I cannot go past level 275 on my xperia s but I am well past that level on facebook! Very annoying - PLEASE FIX THIS or I will remove the game completely from all my devices!!
Am waiting for new levels to update after level 275 on galaxy 10.1 hurrrrry up
charm fernandez
why i can't download it using my samsung y?
why it cannot open to my alcatel ot 991d?
Same as everyone else can't download on my Kindle.
cant down load candy crush saga on my samsung galaxy ace it says not compatible with this version. does anyone knows what can i do to download the game? help please
I cant connect to facebook using gt n7000
Why cant i get candy crush on my samsung galaxy ace not much different from i phone
Why can't I get candy crush on my Samsung
Why can't I get this game on my Samsung galaxy .y.
Im on level 289
margaret cunnea
This game downloads on to my viewpad 10e but freezes when playing so i have to keep resetting the pad
i tried it many times its n0t working! help pls
Download an app called easy installed then down load the game. (apk.) Open the easy installed and it should be inn there and check what you want to install. The only problem with it on kindle fire is that it wont open the kingdom with facebook so if you figure that one out let me know. Thanks
Have you figure out how to get it to connect to the kingdom on your kindle fire???
thanks mint88 got it on kindle fire but as u said will need to figure out how to connect to facebook
I've tried to download candy crush saga to my kindle fire hd and it don't show up but it acts like it is
The game does not have access to the kingdom. Heeeeeeelp
how do ya down load candy to phone for
how do ya down load candy to phone for 05 Apr 2013, at 23:57
Galaxy ace please
lol...cannot be play by samsung galaxy mini
It wontbdownload to my coby kyros tablet
James Ive had the same problem keep getting Msg does not.have compatible device
Where do I find the updated version for my Kindle Fire?
Will not update and add new levels (completed up to 245) on my HTC desire s, but has updated on my wifes HTC desire c - anyone explain why that is? Says that the game is not compatible with my device!!
Someone please help I have a kindle fire HD and I've downloaded the all but it says it unable to open. I already set it so it always me to open non store so purchases. help please
Does anyone no if this download will work in a craig tablet?
Says kingdom not available please fix this have been playing on kindle for awhile don't want to buy new brand tablet love my kindlehd
This game. Fun
Can't download it. My device ( Samsung Galaxy Ace ) isn't compatible with the game!!! (( I really want this game! Can someone help me if is there any alternative downloader of this game? Thanks!!! xoxo
Yeon Sha
It's not my fault if I wanna play this game! Make it compatible for every galaxy ace! Or will kill my self!
Cant get on kindle fire
Julie where do we download that version?
still won't work on Motorola Razr i
i works on my galaxy note tnxx ^^
Says its freedownload for nookcolor while sereching it but once i go to the sight theres no place to download
I probably does need an update!
I have it on my galaxy S, but when I try to connect to Facebook it says cannot access kingdom try again later. I have updated an everything an all my other games go through fb just fine. Defeats the purpose of having the game if I can't go any further.
ann marie
Can't download on kindle fire 2nd!!
Yep that was version 1.0.9 apk you should be able to connect
maybe because they did an update? Version 1.0.9 is latest. this is 1.0.5
Mine says the same Lisa what can we do?
Lisa and Belinda...I got the same message. I'm on level 122 or so...what gives?
Lisa, I keep getting the same thing!
Been working fine, but today it will not connect to FB. I uninstalled and re installed but get message "The game does not have access to the Kingdom. Please try connecting again later. Any suggestions would be great! Maybe it needs a update????
lisa mine is doing same thing did you get yours to work?? if so what did you do??
Lisa R
When this happens to me, I just turn my phone off then on again. And i'm connected to FB.
I can't get it for my Xperia z when will it be available
kuk what is your mobile phone
I installed Candy Crush Saga via Airdroid. It is very easy. all u have to do is download the game apk file.
Dave pegg
For those who can't download candy crush foe Xperia z! You have to allow apps from unknown sources to install then de-select the Same option again to keep your fone safe. Hard to explain. I managed to install it for My Xperia Z. Hope this helps a little
hmmm? I want this too but it aint downloading...
Why wont it download on my nook tablet?. It says installed but when i try to open it my noom says it wont open anything not from barnes&noble. Help - i like the game on my phone.
wont download on kindle fire hd . keeps saying unsuccessful download
For your fire you have to change settings to read allow all down loads. Factory settings are only set up for amazon apps.
Can't get it to work on my kindle fire it downloads but won't open works great on my Sony Ericsson though
The day of the lord is coming.Be ready those who are not ready but believe will be lift i heaven.
Not compatible on Galaxy Ace...will it be in the future im so let down
Why can't I get this game on my Kindle fire?
dhowdyshell4086@gmail.com05 Jul 2013, at 11:33
W by can't get for kindle fire
Why is this not compatible with the Xperia z? Very disappointing!!!! When will it be? Thanks
Desperate candy crush player
Desperate candy crush player09 Mar 2013, at 06:37
I have a Galaxy ace, not compatible for candy crush saga. Can someone tell me what to do?
Not compatible??.. Try Download Chainfire3D.... it is minimize texture quality of candy crush.. But first your device must rooted to install Chainfire 3D..
Not compatable with my HTC Salsa
Same here Sam with my experia z not compatible a big let down for me
why dont it work on experia z (device isn't compatible with this version)
It isn't updated past level 185 on this version and it's not available for the droid dna on the market..... Freaking out, please update!
I dont seem to work on xperia z. Helppppppp!!!
Wont pull up down load
jean zara
broken link.i cant download mobile is galaxy mini
joe fleischer
I just bought a droid DNA and can't upload please help me
it doesnt work for motorola razr i frío
Lorena Betancourt
I try to open it but it goes back to the home screen Help!!
 Lorena Betancourt
Lorena Betancourt25 May 2013, at 15:12
its easy to download and its work here in my android lowest version
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