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Temple Toad
Temple Toad
Temple Toad
Temple Toad
Temple Toad
Temple Toad
Temple Toad

Review Temple Toad

Brandon Girod
Charming characters, high quality pixel art, interesting jumping mechanics
Very difficult gameplay, you’re punished if you take too long
Temple Toad for Android takes me way back to the platformers of my childhood. It’s not that the gameplay is necessarily nostalgic, but the charming pixel art hits me right in the gut. It’s an endless platformer with interesting mechanics, difficult level design, and it looks absolutely fantastic while totally crushing your spirits.
The most interesting thing about the game is easily its jumping mechanic. The level is randomly generated on each playthrough and basically infinite, but it’s broken up into platforms that float above lava and obstacles that solely exist to keep a toad down. To traverse the platform you’ll be given a guide that pans back and forth rather quickly. This means you have to really pay attention before you jump. And if you’re too slow a wall of spikes will catch up to you and basically murder the poor toad.
If you couldn’t tell already, I’m a huge fan of the graphics. The frog’s pixel sprite is well animated and includes a hat that can be swapped out for unlockable ones after you’ve collected enough gems in the game. Level detail is also really great to look at and texture is really clean.
Despite my love for the graphics and my applause for the game’s jumping mechanic, I didn’t fall in love with the game itself. I found that the speed of the aiming system was simply too fast and hindered my ability to make good decisions. I also began to get a little tired of all the lava that amassed at my feet. I little change in environment would go a long way to freshening things up.
To wrap up, Temple Toad is a great platformer that has very charming graphics and characters, but I’m just not the right audience for it. The unique jumping mechanic is difficult to master and I question how many people will stick around to really learn it.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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