BattleFriends at Sea
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BattleFriends at Sea
BattleFriends at Sea
BattleFriends at Sea
BattleFriends at Sea
BattleFriends at Sea
BattleFriends at Sea
BattleFriends at Sea
BattleFriends at Sea
BattleFriends at Sea

Review BattleFriends at Sea

Sergei Petrov
BattleFriends at Sea - this is a very colorful and beautiful version of naval warfare for Android with excellent graphics and advanced network mode, which allows you to play online with friends or random players.
Development of the game that we know has been doing studio Tequila Mobile, gave us an excellent strategy Fantasy Kingdom Defense HD . Like other game has a new stunning 3D-graphics, which, of course, and it may seem odd for a sea battle, but in general, on the contrary, adds to the classic game of new paint. And if before we painted the playing field and played on a piece of paper, here we are waiting for a full-fledged 3D-location, real warships and stunning animation explosions.


If you have ever played in a sea battle, then you can easily get into the simplest interface of the game. In the beginning we will be asked to register a new account using Email or login with Facebook. After that, the game will offer to invite your friends to play with them or choose a random player.
To find an opponent takes only a few seconds, and then immediately starts a fight. First, we set the ships to places, and after we choose a point where we will open fire. After selecting the target, we can see how beautiful the rocket takes off and goes around the horizon, falling to the destination. The animation can be easily understood if we were the enemy, wounded or killed.
Since the sea battle - it is a long and slow-moving game, the developers BattleFriends at Sea went on to a simple and correct step, allowing players to simultaneously play multiple battles. You can just go to the main menu, press again to search for the enemy and start a new game. After a couple of moves you can switch back to the old game and do there next move.
As soon as the opponent to make a move, you will be notified in the main menu of the game waiting for your action. Immediately after entering the game, you as the animation will show where to shoot the enemy, if he is injured or shot a ship, then it will show the next several moves that he is entitled to do under the rules of the game.

Features BattleFriends at Sea for Android:

  • Bright and juicy 3D-graphics;
  • Convenient search rival;
  • The game is optimized for smartphones and tablets;
  • The ability to conduct a few fights together.
If the player does not appear for a long time in the game, you can send push-message on his phone by pressing the appropriate button next to the game in the main menu.
Summary. BattleFriends at Sea - this is a very high-quality implementation of the classic naval combat game for Android smartphones and tablets. Not without its flaws, which are as different advantages to the players after the purchase bonus. Thus, some players can go on several times and examine a few cells, which did not seem to play fair. So look for decent players (best friends), and a good fight you!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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