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Snake Rewind
Snake Rewind
Snake Rewind
Snake Rewind
Snake Rewind
Snake Rewind
Snake Rewind
Snake Rewind
Snake Rewind
Snake Rewind
Snake Rewind
Snake Rewind
Snake Rewind
Snake Rewind
Snake Rewind
Snake Rewind
Snake Rewind
Snake Rewind
Snake Rewind
Snake Rewind

Review Snake Rewind

Brandon Girod
Beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay, features several power-ups
Controls feel wonky
I was super excited to jump into Snake Rewind for Android because, to me, Snake is an absolute classic. So, there I was, about to jump into a really good looking version of the game and then I noticed one little thing… the controls can be very unpredictable.
I thought ahead that the controls would probably be backwards and that added to the excitement. They’re actually not, instead the game just likes to register your touch input in weird ways. Swiping, the intuitive controls scheme, doesn’t work and will result in lots of death. Instead you want to exaggeratedly tap in the direction you want to go. That means tapping way above your snake to move up and the likes.
Once you get down the game’s questionable controls the game is actually incredibly addictive. Which is really cool because this is the same developer who originally created Snake on a phone in the first place.
The graphics look really good and the lighting effects the snake has on the environment really brings some life to an otherwise boring aesthetic. There are a lot of different power-ups to grab while you play and the game’s best mechanic is its ability to actually rewind time. If you make a wrong turn anywhere you can simply rewind a few seconds and correct that mistake.
Snake Rewind feels an awful lot like snake and that’s not a bad thing. The core gameplay is there, even though the controls need a bit of sprucing up. I like the ability to rewind, but think it’s mostly an unnecessary crutch for players.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
Tariq Abdulla
Unusual game design, neat graphics, interesting game play, several variants of controls
Pop-up ads
down a bit, and I'll get to that. But the game makes up for it with premise of being able to "rewind" your snake (for a price paid in digital fruit you've collected), combined with a large number of different retro themes to unlock (again for fruit). This makes it an ideal platform to, not only relive your Nokia 6300 nostalgia, but to take it even further.
Because you can rewind your snake after making a foolish mistake, you'll be able to make longer snakes than ever before, and fill up your whole screen with a great writhing anaconda. The different levels you can unlock look like old-school phone screens.
The controls let this one down a little bit. You can swipe to change direction, but this threw me completely, and I was always swiping the wrong way. A simpler method is to tap on the screen the way you want the snake to go. This works a lot better, but it does mean you need to move your fingers a long way when you're making tight turns. There's no getting around it: the old school phones with chunky buttons still have the edge on this one.
All in All, Snake Rewind will keep you busy for ages. A true game of snake, with loads to aim for and work through.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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