Duck vs Pumpkin
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Duck vs Pumpkin
Duck vs Pumpkin
Duck vs Pumpkin
Duck vs Pumpkin
Duck vs Pumpkin
Duck vs Pumpkin

Review Duck vs Pumpkin

Sergei Petrov
Duck vs Pumpkin - a very simple and addictive shooting gallery for Android, where we will shoot the ducks that want to steal our harvest pumpkins. Ducks fly up on all sides, to make quick maneuvers and try to dodge the bullets. As a weapon, we will use a gun, but then also be able to get a gun.
Engaged in developing a game studio Amazing Game, had already released several popular toys. According to his idea, and graphics, the game is very much like another arcade - Shoot the Zombirds . The same birds, the same gourd same shooting, word, like all elements, except for the shooting technique.


Shooting in Duck vs Pumpkin by using a simple click on the screen in the places where you want to shoot. In this case, the clicked marked sights, and hear the corresponding sound. Below the screen is also a button to reload. By default, we are given only 2 rounds, after which we will have to click reload or wait for 2-3 seconds.
Arriving duck flies to pumpkins, grab them and try to fly away. All we have is three pumpkins, and if all of them stolen, the level will be lost. At each level in ducks increases the number of lives, as well as new types of birds, more nimble and fast.
In turn, we are for each passing level get gold coins that can spend on improving the shotgun, or a bit of digging and buy a gun. The money earned in the game are very simple, and to the level of 15-20 is quite possible to save up for a decent weapon.

Features Duck vs Pumpkin for Android:

  • Beautiful graphics and atmospheric;
  • Easy and intuitive;
  • A huge number of levels;
  • Variety of weapons.
Among the shortcomings of the game you can select a small variety of enemies, weapons and decorations, because in addition to shooting and a quick press on the screen there is almost nothing interesting there. At the same time, to demand anything more from a completely free game we can not play interesting, and thank you for this.
Summary. Duck vs Pumpkin - it's a good game in the genre of "shooting gallery" for Android, which is perfect as a means of killing time off. Download this game you can from our site, and in store Google Play.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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