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Cheating Tom 2
Cheating Tom 2
Cheating Tom 2
Cheating Tom 2
Cheating Tom 2
Cheating Tom 2
Cheating Tom 2
Cheating Tom 2

Review Cheating Tom 2

Brandon Girod
Fun premise, easy controls, unique gameplay
Not a huge fan of the graphics, the difficulty curve is slow
I skipped out on the first but Cheating Tom 2 for Android is still an excellent sequel to a game that offers loads of interesting gameplay. It takes all the same gameplay from the first game but adds new characters, behaviors, settings, and over a hundred levels to play through.
In case you skipped this one like me, the entire gameplay is based around cheating on tests without getting caught. To cheat you simply tap on a student and hold down while a timer fills up. You can keep cheating off the same student but as you fill bars up they’ll become increasingly more frustrated and will eventually call out to the teacher. Teachers also have vision cones and look up at various intervals, so every decision is risky.
Objectives are based around acquiring enough points to get the letter grade the game wants you to and sometimes you’re also tasked with things like making every kid in the class mad within a certain time limit. But you do get an array of power-ups to play around with that help deal with rising difficulties, and you collect money as you play to upgrade these power-ups as well.
Cheating Tom 2 is a really fun and engaging game. I can’t really speak on whether or not it’s more or less the same as the game before it, but as a newcomer I couldn’t stop playing. The fun power-ups, gameplay, and collectibles really drew me in.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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