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Cooped Up
Cooped Up
Cooped Up
Cooped Up
Cooped Up
Cooped Up
Cooped Up

Review Cooped Up

Brandon Girod
Great aesthetic, very solid controls, funny premise
Gameplay isn’t really engaging
In Cooped Up for Android you play as a bird who has just been introduced to a new bird sanctuary. After a short time you begin to realize all of the other birds have been in the sanctuary so long that they’ve began to get a bit crazy. So now you’re trying to fling yourself up the sanctuary so you can fly high and away.
Now, even though you’re a bird you can’t fly and you take fall damage. Logic doesn’t flow strong through this game but then again, bird sanctuaries full of crazy and featherless birds don’t exist either.
Gameplay revolves around flicking from one level up to the next, avoiding the crazies while also trying to eat a bit of insects on the way up. The flicking mechanic is very much like Angry Birds but you can’t really fly very far. Most of the difficulty comes from trying to flick your bird through others without hitting them. Throughout the game you’ll find different “enemy” types that are harder and harder to evade, which helps create more dynamic gameplay.
I really like the game’s premise but I honestly didn’t find myself really drawn into the game. I love the aesthetic, I like the humor, and I think the controls are great but I just wasn’t having very much fun flinging myself around. That’s not a knock against the game itself because I think there are definitely tons of people out there that will enjoy Cooped Up, but I’m not its targeted demographic.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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