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Metal Soldiers
Metal Soldiers
Metal Soldiers
Metal Soldiers
Metal Soldiers
Metal Soldiers
Metal Soldiers

Review Metal Soldiers

Brandon Girod
Good graphics, interesting gameplay, lots of upgrades
Boring level design, platforming elements are poor and out of place
Metal Soldiers for Android is an endless game that is pretty much exactly what it looks like: a Metal Slug knock-off. For those that might not know, this is essentially a side-scrolling shooter that combines short platforming elements with a whole lotta killing.
Gameplay feels very similar but the controls don’t feel as snappy as they should. You control your character via on-screen buttons; there are two directional buttons, a jump button, and a button that lets you shoot your weapon. You can’t aim your weapon, however, so airborne enemies become a real hindrance.
There were plenty of times where I died because I tapped the fire button and nothing actually happened. Other times I died by jumping from a platform where I couldn’t see the floor and there didn’t actually happen to be anything there. That’s some pretty poor level design.
Levels don’t really exist, instead you’re simply playing a procedurally generated map during each life and if you die you have to start over. There is a currency system to grab some upgrades and you can pick up a few weapons along the way, though their use is extremely limited.
I couldn’t really get into Metal Soldiers, though. The entire time I played it I couldn’t help but just want to go buy one of the Metal Slug games off the Play Store because they’re better in just about every possible way. This is just a poor attempt at taking the concept and slapping some freemium aspects on it. It’s basically been gutted.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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