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True Or False
True Or False
True Or False
True Or False
True Or False
True Or False
True Or False
True Or False

Review True Or False

Brandon Girod
Good aesthetic, interesting questions
No real gameplay, some of the trivia seems questionable
Despite its name, I wasn’t sure what to expect from True or False for Android. Was I going to be answering sensitive information about my past with players from around the world or simply answering trivia? Well, it turns out it was the latter, it’s a game that provides you with twenty true or false questions and then rates you based on the percentage you answer correctly.
The game seems to have a relatively small pool of questions because I was already seeing the same questions on my second play through. A lot of the questions are pretty off the wall that most people wouldn’t typically know the answer to, which sort of affected me negatively. And some of the questions are just straight up questionable. For instance, “Vanilla and apple smells help to lose weight.” Is this true or not? I don’t know for sure but losing weight is simply based on caloric input vs output, nothing else. After a little research, most scientists confirmed that all it really did was try and help curb your appetite, which isn’t necessarily directly related to losing weight.
The entire meat of the game is the twenty questions you’re asked and you’re ranked out of a certain pool of other candidates. As I played I found that I wasn’t really concerned with my ranking since you can’t directly see who you’re up against.
True or False wasnt as fun a game as I was really hoping. Questions weren’t really generally knowledge and the ranking system really didn’t instill any sense of competition in me. Even after the first set of questions I was counting down the next set apprehensively.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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