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Review Skyshot!

Brandon Girod
Good graphics, responsive controls
Boring level design, ridiculous scoring system, poor graphics
The entire time I was playing Skyshot! for Android I was asking myself, “why?” Why does this game exist? What is it hoping to accomplish? It plays out a lot like a 3D version of Angry Birds but has a poor physics system and uninteresting level design.
It’s a game that plays out more like a college student’s game design project rather than something that is ready for commercial consumption. The idea is that you’ve got a cannon and a bunch of boxes that are stacked on top of a floating bridge. You’ll need to aim the cannon (unassisted) to knock off all the boxes in just one shot, otherwise you’ll get docked one star for every shot it takes.
The issue is that the game’s physics are wonky and the boxes’ weight is perhaps too heavy. Shooting two boxes simultaneously rarely actually moves them which means you’ll be shooting individual boxes or one stacked on top of each other. When there are six or more boxes stacked like a pyramid then there is literally no way to knock all of the boxes off the platform in one shot because the physics simply don’t allow it.
This lead to a mostly frustrating experience where the game doesn’t give the player the tools to succeed. I started playing Skyshot! with an open mind but left mostly disappointed. The graphics are poor, the level design is boring, and the game just isn’t fun.

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Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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And I liked it! Good arcade! 
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