Alby Street Soccer 2015
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Alby Street Soccer 2015
Alby Street Soccer 2015
Alby Street Soccer 2015
Alby Street Soccer 2015
Alby Street Soccer 2015
Alby Street Soccer 2015
Alby Street Soccer 2015
Alby Street Soccer 2015
Alby Street Soccer 2015

Review Alby Street Soccer 2015

Brandon Girod
Excellent gameplay ideas, lots of teams, several game modes
Severe performance issues, poor controls, limited gameplay
Alby Street Soccer 2015 might be one of the most disappointing games I’ve ever played. It’s a street soccer game that literally gives you control over the players on your team -- much life FIFA -- and features multiple game modes to play. Unfortunately, the game’s poor performance and limited gameplay destroy the experience.
Alby has several ways to let the player play but most of them revolve around the type of player you’re playing against. Will you be practicing, participating in a tournament, playing against the AI, or maybe another player? That’s all awesome, and I applaud the developers for doing that, but the game falls on its face hard when you actually jump into the game.
The controls aren’t terrible, and you have a few options: kicking, passing, and sliding. Unfortunately there is no way to choose which of your teammates you take control of and you default to the player closest to the ball. This, however, means that when the goalie is throwing out the ball after he picks it up he just lobs it in the middle of the field for anyone to pick up and since you’re defaulted to the player closest then it becomes an endless process where the ball is thrown, picked up by the opposing team, they shoot and miss, rinse and repeat.
Your team is absolutely useless in every situation. They don’t go after the ball, don’t move up the field so you can pass it, and you have no way of “juking” out the goalie to actually score, they always catch it. No matter what. The entire experience is just frustrating and boring.
Alby Street Soccer 2015 is a soccer game that isn’t really much of a game at all. It’s impossible to score, your team is useless, and games end up being a test of patience rather than anything else.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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