Galaga:TEKKEN Edition
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Galaga:TEKKEN Edition
Galaga:TEKKEN Edition
Galaga:TEKKEN Edition
Galaga:TEKKEN Edition
Galaga:TEKKEN Edition
Galaga:TEKKEN Edition
Galaga:TEKKEN Edition
Galaga:TEKKEN Edition

Review Galaga:TEKKEN Edition

Brandon Girod
Features popular characters from the Tekken universe, gameplay is true to the original
Awkward controls, gameplay never really seemed to get more difficult
Galaga was one of the original shoot’em ups that let us explore space combat against extraterrestrials. Galaga: Tekken Edition for Android is Galaga meets Tekken. It’s the same great shoot’em up gameplay mechanics but this time it pits you against other popular characters from the Tekken universe.
There are six Tekken characters you can play as in the game, but only three of them are unlocked in the beginning. I was able to unlock the fourth character almost immediately and those are pretty much the only unlocks in the game, which is fine.
Gameplay itself is fun but the awkward controls bring the experience down a bit. Tapping and holding to maneuver the ship will cause the ship to shoot occasionally, but tapping, letting go, and tapping again forces a shot. So a lot of the gameplay consists of moving into position and just repeatedly tapping while you take down each pattern of enemies that comes out.
I also found that, from level one to level thirteen, enemy patterns really didn’t change that much. I found the same exact amount of enemies coming at me and they all came at me in the same way. This lead to gameplay that started out engaging but ended up being sort of lackluster.
Galaga: Tekken Edition is a fun Galaga/Tekken spin-off game but there really isn't much there to rope players in unless you really want to see 8-bit sprites of your favorite Tekken characters. The original Galaga is much more difficult and there obviously isn’t going to be any one on one fighting here.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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