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Cars Master - Guess car
Cars Master - Guess car
Cars Master - Guess car
Cars Master - Guess car
Cars Master - Guess car
Cars Master - Guess car
Cars Master - Guess car
Cars Master - Guess car
Cars Master - Guess car
Cars Master - Guess car
Cars Master - Guess car
Cars Master - Guess car
Cars Master - Guess car
Cars Master - Guess car
Cars Master - Guess car
Cars Master - Guess car
Cars Master - Guess car
Cars Master - Guess car
Cars Master - Guess car
Cars Master - Guess car

Review Cars Master - Guess car

Brandon Girod
Features tons of popular cars, engaging quiz
Poor UI, wrong answers launch you into a tiring and redundant process
I’ll be honest, I thought I was gonna come into this game and totally rock. Then I realized that there were a lot more European car manufacturers on here than I thought. Cars Master for Android is a guessing game that obscures vehicles and has you guess what their make and model are.
The very first car I was quizzed about was a Renault, which is a type of car I haven’t seen since I lived in Spain over a decade ago, and they happened to look quite a bit different back then.
You’re given three different options to choose your answer from and if you get the question right then you’ll move on to the next one. If you get the question wrong then you have to go back to the beginning. Starting over feels really redundant because you’re asked the same questions you’ve already answered which means that the whole process is just irritating, not challenging.
The app’s UI is pretty awful, if I’m being honest. The menu option is an orange background with a small blend in it and two giant buttons. The menu font looks like Comic Sans, which is bad enough, but when you actually get into the game to begin playing things don’t look any better.
Cars Master is a fun game to test your knowledge on cars, but the experience can be a little irritating if you happen to be 20 cars in. Getting one wrong means you’ll have to answer those 19 questions again in order to get back to question 20, which is just painstaking.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
Vlad Popa
Able to kill some time until all the questions are answered
Filled with ads, poor design quality, repetitive, no soundtrack or sound effects
The Play Store has seen a recent rise in poorly constructed monetizing apps that seek to simply flood the user with ads, microtransactions, or both. Car Master – Guess car for Android does just that. Playing on the passion for cars, it offers a simple quiz to test the user’s knowledge of the subject.
The app offers a series of photographs and asks the user to select from three possible options which one he thinks is the corresponding model for the picture. Selecting the correct answer will move the user on to the next question, while incorrectly guessing the model will display the points accumulated with the noob or master ranking based on performance. Sadly the app rehashes the same pictures in the exact same order so even if the user somehow fails the incredibly easy quiz it can always be restarted. The one thing that the app does right is blurring the brand in each of the photos and alternating the wrong answers for the same picture, yet a careful user can use this to his advantage and identify the correct answer.
The app’s interface seems lazy beyond words. Buttons seem simply thrown onto a blank colorful page and pictures are taken straight off the internet and slapped at the top of each page with as little creativity as possible. What’s worse is the app offers absolutely no sound effects or soundtrack to divert attention from its poor quality.
Overall Car Master – Guess car is overly repetitive and boring, complete with an abundance of ads. Even the mastery ranks that the user reaches are sloppy as they jump directly from a Noob to Master, master being the player who has completed a run in the game with no mistakes.

Final ratings

Gameplay 5/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 3/10
Sound 1/10
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